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How will I do it?

Hello and well done in choosing to do something about your weight, i think i could offer a tiny bit of advice as today was my third day, and first day was deffo the hardest second one got better( headache and feeling yuck) and today I felt almost normal without feeling hungry. Stick with it as I ahve been reassured that after the first week you will start feeling wonderful. Good luck with it. xx


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just keep yourself occupied, but dont use up too much energy, im on day three, and feeling really hungry but another member put nothing tastes as good, as being slim feels and i keep telling myself this. its whats keeping me going. i have to sacrifise a few months of scoffing to look and feel like the the real me inside this big bloated body.... you can do it, keep telling yourself, today i split my cappuchino into 2 and added some coffee and extra water so i had some at tea and some now at supper. hopefully this will help. good luck , claira xxx


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Hello there-Thank you soo much. It has taken me such a long time to do this and I feel quite pleased that I am not alone. Well done to you! Keep up the good work It is really giving me the encouragement I need. xx


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Hey Thoka..
Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey... You are definatley not alone as we are all in it together... The first few days can be a little tough but keep yourself busy drink lots of water and if you do feel light headed take some neurofen and lots of water... My third day was my worst but after getting through that it got easier.. Im now on week 14 and loving it... its a fab diet and you see great results..
You may feel a little cold at the beginning but nothing a few extra layers or a hot bubble bath wont sort out.
Good luck and shout if you have any questions xx


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hey i started today too although started few weeks ago and did 3 days but fell ill and ended up in hospital not diet related but in those 3 days i lost 5lbs so im back! im starving so am keeping myself busy on here and looking online at all the clothes im going to be able to fit into when ive lost the weight!!


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:sigh: I started today and already starving. I keep thinking of food but I have been encouraged by you all. I hope it will be the same for me. Please offer any suggestions to survive the first 3-4 days!!

I weigh 16.5 and target weight is 10 stone!!!
Hey there!
You have taken the first step!
It honestly oes get much easier - it becomes habit and food becomes less of an issue (i.e. you don't think about it ALL the time). And just wait for those results! xx :)


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i have been cold, last night i slept in my cuddly dressing gown, im off there now as its the end of my third day and hopefully day 4 may be easier, i think it will get better when im in ketosis. keep thinking of all the reasons to do this and how GREAT you will feel once you see a loss xxx


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Hi, drink lots and lots of water and remember it will get better after the first 3 days. The hunger won't last long. Good Luck Zoe x


needs a real kick in the
i have to say, feeling lots better this morning, day 4. woke up not hungry, slept well, not cold. thoka keep going, hope your doing ok on day 2 xx
Im on my second day and I weight the same as you!! felt okish yesterday and feeling fab today weeing for england but ok,hope you feel better soon x x
Good luck on your journey im just hitting week three today and feel fab, in drinking plenty of water and find nights the worst so when I feel bad I take myself off upstairs and have a bath and a pamper session, cant tell you how much firming cream ive used, but ive noticed a difference already plus it keeps me from straying.


needs a real kick in the
hi thoka just checking how your doing, hope your finding it ok , claira xxx
Hi Thoka, Yes I think it's really hard too. I'm on week 2 now and never thought I would get this far but I have and so can you. Get early nights, read books, come on this forum and just think about what eating does to you. Good luck to you xxx
Hi Thoka, I restarted yesterday and finding it hard too. I'm starving and working in an office with people constantly talking about food doesn't help!:(

I'm trying to keep myself motivated reading the success stories on here:)
How are you doing today?? Hope you are ok.
Thank you

:p It has been really great to get all your replies. Yesterday was awful!!! I cheated!!! I had 6 winegums!! I thought I was going to pass out. I sprinted into a newsagents- I somehow found the strength to sprint!! I snatched the packet , tore it open and wow!! It was gorgeous. :D I was so ashamed of myself and decided not to log on-Today was another day- Day 3- I struggled and managed to avoid cheating. You all say it gets better after day 3. Does it really? When do I get to see the results? I am so impatient I know.
I applaud you all as I can tell you this is the hardest thing I have ever done. How you have managed to carry on for weeks/ months amazes me. I can only take it one day at a time.
Hi Thoka, I was told you couldn't - only water! Sorry! Hope today has been better for you; the longer you stick to it, the easier it gets apparently. but you need to stick to it 100% for the hunger to go away. It does too. I was starving an hour ago and I'm ok now.
The other thing that is helping me stick to it is knowing that other people are. I don't feel so depressed and hard done to then. Also when you see weight loss, you'll be really inspired. Not that I'm an expert, I'm only in week 2 and wondering how long I'll last but i'm just obsessively on here for help. xxx

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