How's everyone coping


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with all the christmas food around ?

I am proud to say I am doing well, I had xmas pud and cake yesterday but have mainly stayed on track. I figure while my motivation and determination is doing so well I may as well keep it up..

Hope everyone is doing ok and having a wonderful Christmas
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I didn't do too badly, had a pretty big lunch but was at least nominally in charge of the cooking so it wasn't too full of pointless syns (only the pointful ones ;)) Was too full for evening meal so had fruit salad instead, yum! Am going to my boyfriend's mum's for lunch today, will be treating myself to a muffin from Millie's Cookies for a very late breakfast, if they're open...


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I did ok, had a couple of after 8 mints and a mini pavlova from iceland and that was as far off plan as i went. :)


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errr... reckon I stuffed it ..or rather my face !!
had a little buffet tea. but I didnt go overboard like i would have done normally.I'm just gonna deal with it and get back on track. As they say -no good crying over spilled milk.


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not really followed plan all week now what with all the festivities have been ill with flu but still managed the choccie and had a few baileys xmas day will get back on track new year but will be careful from now until then x

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been bad all week and plan the same for next week as well.........have all of next year to lose it and get to lots of parties and boozin to be


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Well done to those managing to stay on plan. Took 24 hrs holiday from SW (at friends house so no fighting chance following plan :eek:). Back on track now, have to do some damage limitation as WI day on Monday!

Hope you feel better soon m2bslim!

B. x


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i developed flu on christmas eve so have not really eaten much, i am really disappointed as i was going to enjoy christmas and boxing day.


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Ive pretty much gone off the rails completely, but looking forward to getting back on track as from Monday, as by then we will have done all the rounds with family and friends and all te buffets! We have our weigh in on monday so hoping the shock of actually putting weight on will kick me back into the plan nicely :) Staying in on new years eve as my B/F is cooking a nice romantic meal for the two of us and he's pretty good at making everything SW friendly xxx


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Well done to those who stayed on the plan yesterday. I ate what I wanted yesterday and am back on the plan today. I only joined last week and hope to stay the same this week and start losing next week.

I went for a boxing Day walk in the hills and eating SW food today. Might use a syn or two for a choccie!


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done really bad am back on it as of tomorrow am will have a gain this week but am prepared for this so will be off next week


taking one day at a time
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aw thankyou b2b feeling lots better me and lo both got anti biotics from dr on xms eve and feel lots better now pain has gone from my chest but still have the othr symptoms but at least I can get off sofa now lol


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Well done to those on track, and to those (like me) who are not really - sod it and just enjoy! lol!

Actually I've got a really bad cold so my appetite hasn't been huge. I have largely avoided all the nibbles - not many cake or chocolates (what's the point if I can't really taste it?!) or savoury snacks. I did stuff my face on Christmas day, but didn't need any tea time turkey butties at all.
I'm not following the plan but I think I might actually end up without doing too much damage. I'm not too concerned though - I intend to crack on fully come January. 2 stone here I come!!


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good on you hellie I have stuffed myself silly and prob drank far too much but got inlaws here and i have to say its hard work ! we have had a blocked toilet twice so far (me and mr beans were out with presure washer at 11 last night ) and both got colds ..sorry to have a moan but still smiling ..looking forward to normal food and feeling slimmer in new year ...hugs gilly xxx