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Not the best way to introduce myself to this section of the forum properly, but I need to get my xmas frustrations off my chest.
have just done secret santa at work and the person I bought for has been very *****y about the gift I bought for her. I'm miffed as I'd put quite a bit of thought into it and went over our £10 budget. And the lads aren't happy with the sweets and chocs I've brought in for our 'buffet' Again I went over budget.
It's the alst thing I need, as Dad's not been paid (though he should've been) so we're having a scrooge kind of xmas dinner tomorrow. AND my poor lickle poochie is very ill.
I reckon that anyone who wishes me a happy christmas may well get a thump!
Sorry for the rant on xmas eve. :(
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Hope your pooch is feeling better soon. One of my cats has been at the vet every week for the past three weeks and is going again this afternoon as it seems she has a chronic lung condition. Blood tests, xrays, lab tests etc mean the bill is adding up and the last thing I need just before christmas. I have insurance so I will get some money back but not for about a month due to the holidays :(. Running total is about £450 :eek:


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Punisher - what an ungreatful old bag - take no notice. sending you hus and thaughts.


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I am sending a {{{hug}}} to cheer you up, just remember the reason for the season, and you will feel better, hope your pooch is on the mend soon xx


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And hugs from me too. Some people you can never please so don't worry about them.
Secret Santa is supposed to be fun. Pity some people spoil it.
I hope your pooch is feeling better and, please don't thump me, but Merry Christmas and a few more hugs!


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Hope your feeling a little more cheerfull now, some people are just ungratefull no matter what you do, so take no notice, they obviously don't know how to have fun and enjoy themselves. Their problem not yours. xx