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Hungry 3 weeks in

For most of the last 3 & a half weeks i've felt ok.
However for the past 4 days now i've felt really really hungry.
I emailed my CDC & she said is it all in my head but it isn't.
My stomach feels so empty that i feel sick, my stomach is rumbling & this is real hunger.

Now when i did LT a few years ago i did feel hunger for most of the time on it but it wasn't as bad as it is now. It was a dull hunger then but this time it's really bad.

1 hour after having my 2nd shake yesterday i was feeling really hungry again. I had half a bar & was hungry half an hour later.

I got up at 7.50am this morning & it's nearly 9am & i'm so hungry already :cry:

I don't know what to do.

I haven't eaten anything or done anything to knock me out of ketosis so i don't know why i'm feel so hungry.

If it was light hunger pangs i could live with it but these are just real bad. I just don't think i can live like this until September/October which is when i'll be near goal.
My CDC said maybe have 4 shakes but i don't think that'll make any difference if i'm feeling hungry an hour after my shake.

I don't want to come off of CD but i don't think i can bare to feel like this for the next 6+ months.

I am drinking enough water, between 5-6 litres a day. I can't drink anymore than that.

I'm feeling really sad :cry:
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Daisy sorry to hear you are feeling so hungry, that must be really difficult hun. Have you tried testing for ketosis to make absolutely sure because it does seem odd that you are feeling so hungry especially if you are drinking 5-6 litres.


Have you added anything to diet however small it seems?? eg small amounts of food, chewing gum. fizzy drink ??

I have one lady who felt that she was physically hungry on ss, I knew that she was sticking to it because of her excellant weightloss and have suggested she tries a slightly higher plan to allow a small meal each day and also to try and split her shakes throughout the day to have 6 smaller shakes if she feels the need.

maybe worth thinking about trying either of these suggestions,

cdc norwich
I've just my husband to chemist to get some ketostix. I just used them & im definately in ketosis. I was expecting it to be the first pink square on the side of the bottle but it was the 3rd one. I'd drank 1.5 litres before testing so wasn't expecting the stick to be so dark.

I've had a slight headache the whole time i've been feeling hungry, i don't know if thats connected or not.

I haven't eaten anything at all apart from my shakes & 1 bar in the evenings. I've been drinking loads of water & 2 black coffee's a day with 2 sweetners (tablet form).
I've stuck to this diet 100% & i'm in ketosis so i feel so gutted that i'm so hungry.
I know its not all in my head, i really am hungry :cry:
I hate to be the one to say it but some people do feel hungry all the way through this diet. Some just for the first few weeks and others are lucky enough to not feel hungry.
My friend in my class was one of those who was constantly hungry, it made it really difficult for her but she managed to stick with it and looks amazing.

I hope your hunger subsides soon


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Why not try moving up to the 790 plan. This would be better than losing ot altogether.
I don't really want to move up the plan as i have such a long way to go. Plus i'd rather not have the 'worry' of food on my mind as well.
I just find it weird why the strong hunger pangs have suddenly come on, really out of the blue esp as there is no reason for it.
Trying to just drink my water but it's kinda hard to distract myself when my stomach is wanting food.

Ahhh i could scream & cry right now.
Why can't things just be simple.
I am exactly the same as you and i gave up stupid cus i be at goal by now... I have had no option but to have 3 packs a day and a chicken breast in the evening... I have been putting my checken breast in a bowl with some boullion and curry powder... its knocked the hunger pangs away..

you can have a cup of boullion a day the veg one green tub with orange lid.. they do a low salt version aswell but i am yet to find that..

also try some pyslium (sp) husks with your first shake to make a porridge thats aloud too..

and another suggestion is try and split your packs.. what ever you do dont give up!!


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