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hungry and struggling!!!

ah i swear you get a split personality on this diet this morning i was happy and motivated and now im so so hungry probably has something to do with my partner eating crisps and chocolate and drinking coke while im drinking WATER :mad: and i really must try not to hate him lol
i wont cheat i know i wont when i did LT before i had days like this but thought i would have a little rant on here lol
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if ranting on here is what it takes then so be it!
theres always someone around to talk to - me included - im an addict to this site! ha

stay strong lover :)


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How very rude and inconsiderate of the OH!!! Kick him out!! ;)


Here we go again!
We've all been there. My hubby sat and ate 2 jacket pots, beans with sausages, 6 chicken goujons and mayo for his tea while I had my shake. I'm used to it now. If I found it too hard he wouldn't eat in front of me but I can't get him to change his eating habits just cos I'm on this diet.

I found seeing people eating gets easier as the diet goes on. It's nothing to me now.


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It's ok, I was sat with my mum while she ate a bacon butty before, I was so tempted just to have a bite! But then I realised id rather be thin than have a bacon butty and I've started this diet now and eating would make the last few days pointless! Be strong and come and rant on here as much as you like! It makes you feel better and I can't speak for everyone, but it makes me feel better knowing that Im not the only one finding this a bit hard! :) x
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Well done for keeping strong hun and not cheating, U are doing fab, keep up the good work. xxxx


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Its all worth it, and I have the same problem with OH, you forget how annoying it is at the beginning, I am on day 3 and feeling a bit grumpy with a headache but it is all worth it when we are all in our lovely new summer clothes and on the beach in our colourful smaller swimsuits.

Jo x


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I'm on day 3 now and feeling sad! I wouldn't say I was particularly hungry, but food is one of my favourite things (no kidding..!) and I feel like something is missing

Not tempted to cheat at all though as that would be a waste of time and money

Had a terrible night's sleep, was awake half the night but I trust that this will pass in a few days



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Have to say the same. I find it helps if I move room while the kids and DH are eating. Although yesterday I found really hard - perhaps it was because I made home made soup and rhubarb crumble but I made it through !


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Heya jellybeans, stick with it hun it gets better.

Hope your doing well today :D:D

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