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hungry - NO food mentioned

right well where to start...

i started CD and nibbled but had good losses for 2/3 weeks, i fell off big style last week, and got back into the swing of things this week.

only i started college too last week, so with college and the hours i work added together is VERY long days for me
i am gettin up at 6am to get ready for college, having a bar about 8am then i am at college most of the day, having shakes when i fell like i need them plus 5 - 6 litres of water to feed the hunger pangs, then i am coming home for a quick nap/shower/drop bag off/pick uniform up
and then going to work at 5pm till 12am getting home and in bed about 1 am.

now the only problem i have, is the packs are not providing me with enough to keep me going throughout my monster of a day and i passed out and threw up a couple of times this week (since fri) and i am wondering even though i am on 4 packs a day, could i have a small bowl of cereal, i am not totally fussed about getting into ketosis, as i still will be on VLCD so still burning more than consumption on my mamoth days...

i am going to ask my CDC this but ti thought i would just put the question to you guys first...

please help :)

Katy c
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you would be better off stepping up to 810 on these days hun as the carbs in the cereal will keep messing about with the glycogen stores.
So take a chicken salad with you to eat at some point in the day. 810 is still good for losses as well so im told!
Hope that helps hun
Was gonna say the same as liz even a higher 1000

Look at lunarjim on here he's lost tons on 1000

Ss is useless for people with high energy days in my opinion and prob dangerous

Have a word with your CDC

Good luck
I wouldn't go for cereal because there are much better options as the others have said. Despite what you say about ketosis, if you can get into ketosis you will feel better and the cereal will hinder that. Chicken salad or similar would be much better, you want to go for protein, not carbs. I don't know how you do it. Can you have a sleep in the afternoon? I don't see how it can be healthy getting up before 6am and not going to bed til 1am, that's only 5 hours sleep. You're going to end up exhausted and ill, I'm really worried about you love.

Em xx
Just agreeing with previous sugestions. Better to plan to eat to keep your energy levels up, than be so ill or even end up cheating cause you feel so awful. Loads of people have only ever done 810 or higher and still lost loads. You certainly sound active enough, do you have to do this every day? Sounds exhausting. Take care of yourself. xx
I agree with all of the above! 810 or 1000. Look after yourself Katy x x
its not so much that i am active, as in exercise, it is just the sheer amount of hours i am up in a day, its full on for at least 3 days, but if i am not too busy with homework and stuff, i should be able to go home and have a nap, but i still feel awful!!

i will speak to CDC later on today, as i have only just got up :)

thanks for the advice, i shall try chicken salads on my busy days

k x
Yeah, trouble is you need portable food too, by the looks of things. So chicken salad could be a good idea. Also, if you do 1000 cals then you have a fruit allowance, an apple or a handful of strawberries or something might come in handy if you feel you're starting to flag?
Hello specialk

Unfortunately no words of wisdom from me but had noticed that I hadn't seen any of your posts for a little while and was wondering how you were getting on.
Luckily my days aren't long any more - I have done the day at work followed by night school in the past and I do empathise. I had a rare early morning today and I found myself quite grouchy, tired and hungry by about 9am.
I know you will find a CD solution to fit in your new commitments x
hi bling,

yeah i have been having stupidly long days which have led to very short nights and less time in front of the lappy, as now, i should really be in bed as i have one of them long days tomorrow, but i am chosing to be on here, why, i odnt have a clue as sleep is very much needed.

anyhow, ive spoken to my cdc and she has suggested that instead of moving up the plans i have an extra pack on my busy days, including jellys and veg drink just to see how it goes, but if that still doesnt work to move up the plans, which i dont really want to do as i am not very good at exerting control over my portions and would go OTT with it, so heres to a new way, lets see if it works :)

k x
Sounds like your CD counsellor has come up with a wise solution - now try to get some sleep, lack of sleep always makes me feel hungry, as well as colder and tired.
Hi Special K, try splitting your packs in half to more smaller shakes throughout the day. That way your levels may not drop as rapidly causing the pass out thing.

Splitting the bar in two is good too as they are so filling.

Good Luck hon and be careful xx
thanks jimmy for that, but i have tried to split shakes and bars, with no real effect on how i am feeling, so my CDC has come up with a genious plan of an extra shake on my Uber busy days, ie mon wed & thurs and i can have jellies too :D cant wait for them :D

so fingers crossed from next week i hope i am feeling better with the extra days, so i think exercise on the "normal" days to slightly compensate, a gentle walk or swimming perhaps :)


night night, student is back in college tomorrow

keep safe

Katy x
Hi Specialk

You are almost as bad as me for being a night-owl, glad you have retired to bed now to face student life in the morning. I am working from home in the day so I don't have to get up too early.
Pleased to hear that your counsellor has worked out a regime for your busy days and you sound happy with it, hope that it works really well.
Look forward to seeing you post your next loss in the near future x


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi special K - I tend to agree with suggestion of upping the plan and taking chicken salad with you, or having a 200 cal meal between college and work, as on SS+. I find the protein in the meal really gives me a lift at the end of the day. Like you, I get up at 5, work 6.30-3.pm, then run the house, ferry the kids, walk the dogs, hitting bed at about 11.pm. My hour out to prepare my chicken, fish and veg, then sit quietly to enjoy really is my saviour on bad days. It gives me a focus as well as making me feel good.

I think your water consumption may be too high, and could be washing out essential nutrients you get from the CD packs. Personally I do not exceed 3 litres a day, and find it works really well.

Good luck and look after yourself. Traceyxx

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