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Hurry up Thursday!


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This week is dragging so badly! I really want Thursday to get here so I can have my weigh in :D

I know I've had a good week and want to see the results.

Plus, I want to go back down another stone bracket on my signature. Making the 17 from red to black last again week really upset me.
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Lol im lookin forward to mine to......makes u feel good knowing you have stuck to it and its paying off! x


please try again
i have mine tomorrow night, moved forward from thursday grrrrrr

hope you both have a great weigh in
Guru - I have weigh in on Thursday too - I'm not expecting much this week as I had a big loss last week but a couple of pounds will still make me happy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you get those numbers back where you want!
I'm a Thursday weigh-in this week too. I will be keenly hoping to have got rid of whatever I gained in the time now known as my 'lost 4 days', when a woman fitting my description was seen in various branches of MacDonalds in east and central London, very greedy type, lol!
Fingers crossed that the scales are kind to us all x
I also weigh-in on Thursday, my scales said 3lbs on Sunday but I am hoping for at least 4lbs, that will mean 1.5st off in 3 weeks.

Guru, what time do you weigh-in?


Slimming down the aisle
I know what you mean, I weigh myself tomorrow morning, can't wait!
Weighing in on Thursday, as well. But as I am not doing enough exercise... any loss will be appreciated. Falafel... do you think the same Flying Monkeys that stole your icon were pretending to be sumayyan and making those prank calls??? Your icon message made me laugh aloud. :)

Those rotten flying monkeys frogmarched me into Greggs the baker on Saturday morning ...when I should have been heading up the other end of the high street to see my CD counsellor! They wouldn't rest until I bought a fairly obscene amount of calorific goodies x


please try again
geez them naughty monkeys get everywhere dont they
they forced me to have a nibble of that cake to work out wtf spongy was
Maybe I should banish the flying monkeys as they always seem to be up to no good!
The flying monkeys were at a RAf ladies gathering last night -- and someone (obviously) under their influence brought teeny tiny little fairy cakes with handmade fondant decorations. I only had one, but felt I HAD to as she put sooo much work into them. It was sooooo good. Bad Monkeys! :(

Think those monkeys are going to kidnap me on Saturday and take me to the Races,pub and maybe a curry house!!!!
Good luck Thursday weigh-in people, and tried to rep you Sumayyah but couldn't as it seems your cdc messes you about every week with your weigh in- you are very patient I would have dumped her for another by now. x
Hey Megan,

Thanks for asking us -- my scale shows about 2lbs. Not impressive, but a loss. I need to move my @ss and burn some stored "fuel".

Mrs. T good luck keeping those Monkeys off your back.

well done Mel - my first official weigh in tonight after 11 days on CD, will keep you posted :)

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