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hypoglycemia and not diabetic?


Paleo maintenance rocks!
I get symptoms of it but not as severe as that. If your GP has diagnosed it can s/he give you some coping strategies?

Personally I try to keep my blood sugar as stable as possible by avoiding 'white' carbs (so I use brown rice/pasta etc and really limit sugar - if I'm being saintly I try only to have a little dark choc when needed) and too many fruits with a higher sugar content, and eat regularly. I think it's recommended to eat something every three hours or so (or even every 2 if that's what you need - a little snack should help).

You could look up info on low GL eating principles which should help keep things stable (and you can keep these principles in mind when planning on SW), but if it's causing you that much of a problem I'd go back to your GP as well.
I have this problem, although I've never been formally diagnosed. I can't go for too long without needing to eat something of substance & if I start getting faint then I have to eat at that very point or I feel as though I'm going to pass out, I get very irritable & 'floppy'. I normally end up binging if I leave it too long & on high sugar foods to give me as much energy as possible.

Low GI never worked well for me, I was hungry almost all of the time. I find SW does help, but I still need snacks in between meals.
Sorry I know this is an old thread but had to comment

im hypoglycaemic (diagnosed by my dr and my nurse) but am not diabetic (my average sugar level is around low 4s and highest its ever gone is in the high 5s but lowest has been around the 2 mark) I've not really had an issue until now with slimming world. My consultant said she's going to give me the diabetics booklet in next group, I'm a bit unsure as I'm not diabetic but its all the same techniques in a way used to control the sugar levels (just have to ignore the whole keeping the levels down part!) my issue is mainly when I do have a hypo attack, I go in and out of fuzzy states, go really pale and sicky and really clammy.... Normally I shake before I go this bad but last time I didn't, just felt sick (and put it to travel sickness) if you think of it, diabetics go through the same as non diabetics when having a hypo, so maybe following the diabetics plan when you do have a bad hypo may help?

my GP hasn't given me anything for it... As I was diagnosed young with it (I was in my teens so everything was put down to hormones ) I was told to control with diet and just eat little and often and make sure I have a snack of fast releasing sugars (carbs in other words) between breakfast and lunch and then lunch and dinner and then have something just before I go to bed so I don't have a hypo at night (which we've discovered recently I have had!) I must say my breakfast habit has gone as my IBS does not agree with eating so early so I have brunch instead then a late lunch which ends to mean I don't have to snack... And sleeping on a full tummy just upsets my IBS further so I've decided why make myself ill to avoid being ill? No point really hahahaha! I'm now going to carry some hard boiled sweets and glucose tablets as an emergency :)

If yours is this bad though your GP should give you medication and a monitor for your levels... As I said, this is a new reply to a very old thread but I hope you got yourself sorted and are feeling much better now :)

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