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Hi everyone & thanks Waterworks for noticing my going AWOL.
The truth is for quite a while now I haven't been feeling very good. It started after my op for IBS damage in June. I blamed it on that, then on my mum dying at the very end of last year, then selling her house etc, etc.
I then thought maybe I was having a break down. My mum suffered with her 'nerves' & had panic attacks from when she was pregnant with me & was on valium to the day she died :(

I thought maybe she had left this to me in my will ;)

For months now I have had the shakes & been 'not quite with it'. Friends have been so supportive, saying "what do you expect?"
It stopped me socializing with Steve because I couldn't pick a glass of wine up :O! & made me very nervous about everything. As a hairdresser you can imagine how I felt about cutting hair & I was frightened to drive.

Well today I had had enough & started googling. Was is PTSD? Was it stress? Was it a brain tumour (killed my dad)? Was it the start of the menopause? (sorry lads ;))

Well finally I googled Atkins & hypoglycema (low blood sugar) & found my answer!!!

Yep, I have been successful with my weight loss (I think), but Steve kept telling me I was eating less & less & I said it was because it made me feel sick (it did).

I had every symptom & realize I haven't been eating enough to keep a child alive. My carbs have been practially zero :(

Obviously I don't want IBS again & my surgeon said I had to change my eating, but I can't feel like this again.

Because I can't have so many things, I bought a 'free from' loaf of bread (12.4g per slice) & had one with butter & marmite. I less than 15mins I felt normal, something I haven't felt in yonks!

My tummy is gurgly, but we will see what happens.

I think I was frightened to eat after my op it triggered my OCD big time (I know...freak!)

My brain is clear for the first time in months. Sorry to waffle on, but this might help somebody. I thought it was good that I couldn't eat much & couldn't understand how most other people didn't feel like that.

I feel a bit of a [email protected], as does Steve. He has been feeling like this sometimes &, before this diet the first thing we would say if you felt strange & shaky would be to have something eat! How did we not think of that? Or was I so befuddled that I couldn't think?

I'm back Hoorah :D:D

Love to you all xxxxxx
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Oh Sharon - how scary!!!! Glad you have realised the reason for feeling so awful - hope the slight diet amendment keeps you feeling better xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh Sharon love, you must get at least 20 cabs a day in, less than that as you have found is dangerous love. I'm pleased to see you posting again.
hey honey - sorry you have gone through all this, but glad to have you back xxxx


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Oh Sharon you poor love, what an awful time you've had! I am just so glad you've worked out what the physical problems were being caused by that will still allow you to follow a low carb plan of sorts.

Welcome back and big cuddles :)
Oh Sharon, how scary for you. I'm so glad you've found a way to feel better petal. And welcome back - you've been missed! :)
Sharon, wonder if your surgery could have altered how you process food or anything? Maybe you can't get the goodness out of it or something. What exactly did you have done? Might be worth a chat with your GP.


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It was all 'repair' stuff done WW in the rectal area (sorry everyone) so it wont change anything. I think I got to frightened to eat in case I got ill again :) x


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Well that didn't sodding work!! Trying a tiny slice of 'free from' bread at 12.5g of carbs was ok & I enjoyed it with with peanut butter or cheese on. Then thinking it must be the wheat & gluten that triggers my IBS, I bought some pasta free from them. I weighed out 50g which is 35.7g of carbs :O, but I thought I was try it & if I gained weight I would try something else. It was nice, with grated cheese & oil.
I weighed before bed & was up 9lbs!! lol. This morning it was down, but still up by 3lbs, but I was ok with that......UNTIL the pains started & feel as bad as ever, back & forth to the loo :( I've decided that it must be high carb foods that make me ill.

Right...start again!! Sorry for the poor me rant xx
I wonder if it is carbs hon. oh i hope you are ok. must be awful.
are you ok with flax?


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I'm ok with the occasional mim Vicky. They aren't too high in carbs, but I don't push it because it's high fibre.
At least I'm learning to find out what causes it & it's easing off now, probably because it was a small portion! ;)
oh at least you didnt have a mountain of it! oh i remember the pain its terrible! xxxxx


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hahaha! I've just been looking it up & high carbs are a common cause. Now I can narrow it down, by adding new things. I now know apples are a killer, I used to live on them!

I just can't seem to fit enough veg in. I think I'll keep up the carbs with nuts & the 'free from' bread. I don't want to get the shakes again. I won't be able to drink at Christmas :O
yes nuts - what about yoghurts too hon? they surely will be especially good for your gut?

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