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I work nightduty and my old habits were appalling as in at work through the night I would binge for England.

Last night there was a table full of my trigger foods as a long term patient had a leaving party.

There was, Large Double Chocolate Gateau, Large Almond Cake, Large Apple and Cinnamon Pie, Custard, Cream, an assortment of smaller cakes, individually wrapped chocolate cake bars, Pizza's, Quiches, sausage rolls, sausages.

I first looked and though OMG!, but then stood back and thought,
I am not hungry do not feel hungry and didnt give in AT ALL. :wow:

Old habits would've seen me eat my way through the food all night long!
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that is fantastic! great will power there. I bet you felt really proud of yourself for not only saying 'no' to the food but also to not actually wanting it. It took me about 10 weeks to get to that stage but i remember the feeling of realising i was actually in control of food for the first time in years!

well done!
sil x
That's a brilliant breakthrough - I was exactly the same myself so I know what a big deal it must be for you. Congratulations!


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aww thanks sil, sarah, I never thought I would be able to do it, work for me is the biggest test as that is where I binged constantly, very rarely at home.

My strength also comes from all you members' posts for inspiration,

so a HUGE thakyou to you all at minimins xxxxxxxxxxx


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As Sun's little sis, I am very proud of her. I know how hard it would have been for her (and I know what she used to binge on!)

Oops! Am on Sun's computer and didn't realise I was logged in as Sun! Sorry sis!

NetNet! xxx


Strong women stay slim
Hello Sun
So hard to see all that food when you are on CD .... I guess you know if you touch it , you will only feel more hungry . Hi NetNet are you also lossing weight ?
I go for my first meeting next Tuesday and start LL on Wednesday. Am having all the food (well, some - I'd be ill if I had it all!) this weekend before I start. Whether that's a good thing I don't know :)
Well done, Sun. Amazing, I thought I had done well when I withstood a buffet for a couple of hours. But to last a whole night shift, staring at it on your own, excellent.
Remember the strong feeling of I'm not hungry, I'm not going to do it. I keep practicing and recalling my feelings over my little 2 hour success.


Strong women stay slim
Tuesday is the meeting , thats a good start . Then you have to get signed by the doctor , how much will that cost you , when i was going todo LL my doctor said its out of his hands and its after hours and they wanted 95 pounds . Well hope it all goes well NetNET
I've had the initial meeting already. I've seen and had my form signed from my doctor, who also wants to see me monthly. I was lucky that my doctor didn't charge for signing my form, which can be £25 at some doctors. Tuesday is my starting point where I get all my packs for that week.
good luck netnet! x

Misselo, icecold, thanks for you kind encouragement and praises xxxxxxxxxxxxx

However tonight is my weigh in and I weighed myself his morning and if anything I have put on a incy wincy bit, I suppose its my turn this week as a lot of my group had the same problem last week, and I havent been off abstinence once!

Hopefully I will make up next week. xxxx
Hi Sun, you know you haven't cheated the scales will catch up. Strange sometimes I think it was about week 7 everyone in our group had lousy losses for some reason, must just be how the body works, keep strong, you're doing great.


Strong women stay slim
Crist so i was being ripped off , he wanted to charge me 95 pounds . you know some of these doctors really don't help people to lose weight do they , even if he charged 25 i would of paid it .... but with it being 95 pounds thats why in April i never did it , the other day on the news they were saying how much its costing the NHS because people are over weight , but really are they helping people to do something about it , my doctors not . Well we do have to keep the NHS busy don't we with being over weight lol when our knees go with the strain and all lol
Hi Sun

Very well done you avoiding temptation - bet you felt so good afterwards.

Hi NetNet

Hi honey and welcome - you have a great act to follow don't you lol I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck for your 1st week


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