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I Actually might have seen a different me in the mirror!

Hi everybody, hope we are all ok?! After several disastrous shopping trips, I found a little summer dress that fitted in a Size 12! A perfect fit! Half of me wants to say it's the style but I'm chuffed it fits!
My friend who forced me to try it on was like wow you look so slim with your tiny waist, first time anybody has ever said that to me so it's been a real boost!
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Congratulations - size 12 - very impressive. glad you saw a new you. All your hard work has paid off. Are you at your ideal weight yet? Have you started to think about weight maintenance yet? What will your diet be after Diet Chef?
Thanks alot, it is a nice feeling!
For my Height I'm a at healthy BMI at 11 stone 10....I think! so got another 6 pounds to go, I think if I get to 11.6 then that will be 3 stones lost in total & I'll be happy. As my weight loss is stalling I've decided to buy 1 months hamper. Stick to a month 100% and hopefully shave off that last few pounds. I have major weight fluctuations at the min so really need to focus on it!
I haven't been doing it very well this past month, but been calorie counting and sticking to 1200 a day, I haven't gained so fingers crossed I've done something right! I'm going on hold tomorrow for 10 days this is going to be the test, luckily I'm going in a villa. So planned on fruit, salads yogurts etc and no picking!
My ass will never get in a size 12 pair of trousers as my shape is completely out of proportion to my top! But it's been a major boost!
Have a lovely holiday. Enjoy wearing your new size 12 dress and eat what you enjoy - no casseroles for 10 whole days!

When you come back, you can easily lose the last few lbs.

My holiday is not until September:sigh:
Well I survived the hols! Ate far too much coconut ice cream but it was nice to have a lounge about in the sun. I decided not to go anywhere near the scales until this morning, 5 hectic days at work and I've lost a pound woohoo!

I'm now ready for 1 more month of diet chef, hopefully lose another half stone and look fabulous for my 30th birthday trip to New York in September!

Hope your getting on ok?
Well done Becksie! I'm impressed you managed to start the diet again so quickly after your holiday. I hope you had a lovely time and have a tan;)

Being your ideal weight/size for 30th birthday is a great plan :D I had intended to diet before my 30th birthday, but I never really committed. I did go to Dubai though.....
I went to NY, Vegas & San Fran for my birthday last year. I loved NY. We only had 3 days there, I will definately go back at some point.

I have managed to get into a size 12 trousers! I seem to only own size 16 and 12 clothes. 16 is too big, and 12 is too tight, but I can visualise myself wearing size 12 in October.

I am feeling really chuffed at the moment. I only need to lose another 5lb and then my BMI will be in the overweight category, instead of obese :p
That's fantastic! Well done! Size 12 must be a good feeling, I can fit into 12 tops but don't think I'll ever get into 12 trousers! I'm going to have a wander round the shops tomorrow and try a few things on just to see what size I am but I think it will always vary which ever shop you go into!

I've just been out for a meal and everybody commented on how slim I look, it's a major confidence boost. I also think a browner body is a slimmer body! Haha

LA, Vegas & San fran are going to be my next trip I think, places I've always wanted to go, just need to get the overtime in to pay for it!!

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