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I am back - and struggling, does anyone count calories?

Hi everyone

Not been on for ages. I am really struggling. Am struggling to loose and this leads to me binging. My binges are always sugar. I have been thinking long and hard this morning about a change in diet. I thought going onto OWL but quite honestly I loose weight so slowly on induction I can't see this will help. I am thinking about still doing atkins but watching my caloroes cos I think I eat too. No I know i do. Breakfast for me is usually 2 sausage, 4 or 5 bacon, 3 eggs 1 cup of mushrooms. I have just worked out the calories in all that - its nearly 1200 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't include teh opil which is 124 calories per tablespoon which beleive me is hardly any. I know other people have worked calories out before and have said they only have 1200 but I can't see how thats possible when you consider the oil we cook with etc.

Any and all advice greatfully received as always:confused:

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Hello you - nice to see you back. Funny enough ive just been on myfitnesspal logging my food as I need a kick up the bum and need to start looking at calories too. Worked out mine about 1600 cals.
Jim always says he never did though I think. Im wondering if im not eating enough fat myself.

have you been having all your green leafies hon?
Hi and welcome back. Are you drinking enough water as well chick?

Vicky, what is this myfitnesspal? Does it count calories for ya? I'll have to have a look when I stop bombing around! x ;)
Cheers hun! Errrr.... how do I do that? :sigh:
yeah been trying hard with my greens. At doctors at 3 as I had bloods done last week and some are abnormal. I presume my blood sugars as I verge on diabetic and I am worried lack of carbs may not be helping. Yours have improved though haven't they ditzee? Mine were fine before so not sure whats happened they said on phone my fasting bloods were 7.3!!

PS Could my sugar craving be cos my blood sugar is too high?



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I dont crave sugar at all on this diet. But i try and stay away from MIMS with sugar etc as I dont want to start my body off lol!


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P.s. Linz how many cals per day are you roughly having?

it's true I never counted Calories, and maybe I have a high metabolic rate, I don't know, it suited me is all I can say, that and I did it by the book, no Frankenfoods at all.


Call me Linzi...
If you've been low carbing then have carbs your blood sugars will rocket up!! What did you eat the night before your tests?

When I was diagnosed my fasting was 18.9 with the help of Atkins my fasting is now about 7.5 but the best thing is my daily bloods are in the 4's.

Have you been having carbs while you've been off thread??

Vicky I'm having about 1200 - 1800 cals per day depending on my hunger & am burning off about 500-700 a day with exercise. x
Is that just on the Wii fit Linz or are you doing something else as well? xx


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500-700!!!!!!! I just looked at 20 mins step was only something like 50 :( dog walk for 30 mins is ony 125 cals :(
Linz I'm confused! How are you getting it to so many calories for your exercise? I inputted what I did this morning ie, 30 mins step plus, 3 lots of running and 10 mins hula hoop and it came to 177! I want to burn 500-700! :cool:
I logged my under myfitnesspal as well. i put wii fit in for the exercise name and it brings up all the wii fit aerobic exercises which quite impressed me, but only gave me those figures for what i did! 177 calories - hmph :mad: Do you input something different Linz?

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