I am new - hello! (+ Xmas drinking?)


HI everyone,

I am not really sure how this works, but I am on the Lighterlife program (week 2) and someone recommended this site to me. My group only has myself and one other person in it, so I thought this online support would be helpful, especially because I am worried about Xmas (unlike the other lady in my group). How is anyone else dealing with not drinking at all over Xmas? And not picking on any choccies?

Thank you in advance for your feedback,
Hi Jodie and welcome. I have done/restarting/falling off....LL and find that weird that there are only 2 in your group..where are you? At least you will get some decent one to one time..sometimes you can get lost in a big group!

OK Christmas , from what i gather some people are SSing, some having a day off and eating turkey and veg..some are taking time out (me me thinks) and some are avoiding parties at all costs..i think everyone just has to do what feels right for them..what you musnt do is let anyone else influence your decision whatever it is...stand strong hun! Im sure you will be strong enough to make the right choices and if you falter remember that a blip doesnt mean failure...what i have found with LL is that im certainly more conscious of my blips....pre-LL I stuffed my face no end with numbness and no conscience....!!!

hugs and keep posting!x:eek:

PS Vodka and tonic/diet coke has never affected my ketosis...
Hello and welcome Jodie

Oli is right - different people are doing different things. Getting through Christmas is such a personal choice.

What I will say is that my first stint of Cambridge was interrupted by Christmas (my choice) and I struggled for over a year to get back on. If you are doing well, sticking with it is definitely an option
and we'll all support you!

Hiya Jodie

Totally agree with Oli and DQ - this is about you and what feels right for you!

Some people will continue with abstinence and some will adopt an Atkins type approach to maintain their ketosis...all I will say is that if you decide to eat, it may not be plain sailing getting back onto the program.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and keep us posted throughout....we'll all help you through no matter what! :)
what do yo mean by christmas drinking ?
Just remember its all about choice.
I think it will kick you out of ketoieses.
With that said , from what I know Red Wine is about the best thing you can have if you have to drink. I am planning on living on a GL diet [for the rest of my life] 2 glasses 5 days a week as a guide line.XXXXX Susan
Welcome , I glad you have come here.
HI again people,

Just want to say that I really appreciate your feedback and thank you so much for your advice and support. I dont think its really worth eating as I know what I am like and I would definitely struggle to get back on programme again. Also, the weight loss I have had so far is really motivating. Its more the drinking that I am worried about - I am 23 and a lot of my socialising (especially around Xmas) is around drinking. I think I just have to keep my goals in mind and remind myself of how much better I will feel when I am back at my 'normal' size. Does vodka and diet coke really not knock you out of ketosis though??? xx
I agree with all the above words of wisdon, you must do whats right for you.....

I am staying abstant throughout christmas, for me personally it's more important to me to shift the weight than to ruin it with a couple of days pigging out.....and for what? To feel guity and wish i'd never done it?!

I'm going to serve christmas dinner to my family wearing a 'Mother Christmas' outfit (nothing kinky though LOL), sounds a bit corney but i'm sure it'll be a laugh and will stop me eating but i'll still be involved with the Christmas lunch.

Please remember to do what you feel is right and have a lovely Christmas..... Good luck hun!

I really sympathise with you Jodie ...

... for me it was the drinking that I was most concerned about. I go out on Friday nights with the girls to drink lots and eat lots and have a laugh. How on earth can I go along and sit there sober and watch them tucking into steak and wine and vodka? Well, I did, and it was ok. I still enjoyed their company and had a laugh. I was even more happy to discover how much money I saved not buying bottles of wine, steak, and using a taxi home - about £50!:D

I think that this programme has taught me alot about associating food/drinking with fun. It need not be the case at all. It's the people and the place that makes the fun, it's your attitude that makes all the difference. I've just completed my 100 days recently Jodie. I have stuck to the programme all the way and will continue to do so throughout Christmas and the New Year until I get to my goal (hopefully in Feb).

I have learned alot from this site (thank God you found it) from other people who have eaten or drunk for one reason or another, and they all seem to regret it because it becomes more difficult to do afterward. I will learn from THEIR mistake (thanks guys).

I am hosting a Christmas Party on Saturday and will watch everyone tucking into all the lovely nibbles and wine, but that's as close as I'll get to the food/drink. There will be other Christmases, New Years, nights out, parties etc. This is deferred gratification (you'll learn about this at your meetings - ask your counsellor!)