I am now on my 3rd day of CD and still going!


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:) I am on my 3rd day of CD! I am not hungry! I am not thirsty either! Well, who would be drinking 4 litres of water a day! I weighed this morning and I have done 4.5 lbs in 2 days. Is that good? I was freezining last night, could not get warm. Today I feel like I am full of energy!


Can I ask, what does using a choc shake with warm water and a spounful of coffee to make it Mocha?

:) I have 5.5 stone to loose (well, 5 stone, 2.5lbs with the loss!)

Does anyone know how much I should look at loosing per week?

I am on day 2 but I have done CD before. 4.5lb in 2 days is fantastic, I lost 10lb my 1st week when I done the diet last year which for me is fab.
I want to lose a couple of stone, feeling quite sickly on the diet this time. :(

Keep going girl.

sounds like u r snugly in ketosis. glad u are doing so well! look forward to hearing how much u lose this week.

well done!!!
Hi archantgirl, great going on your weight loss.. I think a weight loss of 3-4lbs per week is probably a good target. Then, if you lose more some weeks, you will feel extra proud.

One thing though. I dont think you should be consuming so much water. The cambridge diet says that we should consume 2.5 litres of fluid (not including the water used to make the sachets). This is 4 pints. You said you were drinking 4 litres.. that is quite a lot. The recommended amount of water per day is 2.2 litres for women, or 3.0 litres for men. Drinking more than this can be dangerous, and evidence of this can be seen in recent news were a woman who was trying to win a contest drank a large amount of water and died from water intoxication.

If i were you i would cut down the intake to the recommended 2.5 litres, but other than that, great going girl! You will be at goal weight in no time...
Well done for doing so well, before you know it it will be your 1st weigh in.

Im currently drinking 4 to 5 litres a day and I told this my CDC when she came after the 1st week and she said keep up the good work. Is it bad or good to drink this amount, I know many other posts on here drink similar amounts??
4 litres is perfectly fine, thats what I would aim for. Water intoxication is very rare and you have to drink a heck of a lot of water......I have found it difficult to gauge what this level is, but it cannot possibly be 4 litres.

The way the maths work with deficit calories etc is that you should lose 3-3.5 lbs each week.

Good luck!! you are doing fab!
You are doing brill well done and lucky you getting into ketosis nice and quickly. You are doing exactly all the right things. 4 litres of water is perfect spread out through the day. Too much water is only dangerous if drank in short periods and then it is quite rare.

Keep up the good work, your rewards are around the corner.

Dizzy x
The person who drank that much water was in a contest and therefore drank a stupid amount of water.

4 litres is sensible - it's recommended you drink at least 2 litres, but my CDC said 3-4. I am finding it easy drinking 4 so don't worry about it at all - also the water helps flush out the fat, so 4 is a good amount.

Well done for your first 3 days! I am on day and so far have sailed through to! Great isnt it!!

Can't wait for first WI and I bet you're the same!
Thanks a bunch!

I am so pleased you all responded to me! My CDC said the more you drink the more you shrink! :)

My boss said yesterday about the woamn who died, I think she had a heck of a lot more than that! AlthoughI do take the concern on board! :)

So Am I in KETOSIS then? even though I am only on day 3? COOL!:D
I think you may be right! I feel on top of the world. Bizzare thing is, my other half is downstairs with my best mate eating tea, that I helped get in the oven, I have not had my last shake yet, yet I was not bothered by it. I have come up in the bedroom on here with my jug of water!!! LOL I will have a look at that link thanks! x:)
15 litres a day!

I have just read on that link that a healthy set of kidneys can digest 15 litres of water a day! It's just how quick you drink it! That woman died because she didn't go to the loo. It was to see how long she could hold on to until she had to pee! I think the radio station that held the competition should have known better.:mad:
Well done you are doing brill.

Sounds like you are in ketosis, sooooo good when you get there isn't it. :)

I drink around 4L a day.
Day 4, and still ok

Hello everyone,

On day 4 now and I am still going, I have not caved in or have craved food. I feel a little fuzzy today and not very talkative, although I am usually the chatterbox of the office. I just want to know if anyone out there stared to get hungry after this far into ketosis? Lots of Love
i think most of us do but i reckon its not real hunger...more emotional/phshological hunger. but this gives u the opportunity to understand what drives u to eat. when in ketosis your body is not hungry, ur emotions are.

whatever it is that underlies what drove u to eat and hide in food will probably surface and it'll give u the chance to tackle the REAL root of it all. once that happens u can move on and find the real u!

u can always check ketosis using ketostix. i use them daily to gauge if i need more water.

just keep in mind its not true hunger and u will learn loads about urself. you'll grow in ur self-learning and shrink in ur body. :D

i think this is why i have a bit of a grumpy cow the last 2 days. something emotionally uncomfortable is trying to rear its head lol

good luck and dont eat!

Thanks for that! I am now on litre 3, gonna try for 5 today! I am so enthused! You lot on here have really helped me through this!!!
Hello there,
RE the water drinking contest:-
The lady in question drank far too much too quickly and didnt go to the loo how she held onto it I dont know as after every glass Im in the loo but noone knows the exact amount she drank.
The DJs and 8 other employees have all been fired from the radio station and the show has been axed due to the unneccessary death of that lady, bless her she only wanted to win one for her children.
Anyway I drink between 4 and 5 litres a day and its certainly helping me so keep glugging the water!!
All the best
I read that too. I am pleased they sacked the staff, what a STUPID thing to get people to do. They did not do thier research. I think they should be put away! Drinking 4.5 litres a day, and now on day 5 i have lost 6lbs