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I am obsessed with food!!!

I have always been obsessed with food,but even more so since joining SW.If I am not eating,then I am thinking about eating,what I will cook,how I will cook it....even what I will be having at the weekend!!

I am ashamed to say that food takes up a lot of my thoughts in the day....

....am I alone in this???Do I have a 'Problem'????
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Im exactly the same. Its been proven people think about food more when they are restricted from having it, things appeal to you which couldnt when not on a diet. Like yesterday people in my class shared out birthday cake and I found it so hard to refuse even though before I was on a diet I would have been overly keen on having a piece anyways! Your not alone, food is pleasurable thing and sometimes its the unhealthy relationship with food which causes weight issues and take needs to be tackled before tackling what your eating.


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I'm the same, and I think about food more when I'm doing SW. I also enjoy it more!


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I think about food WAY too much, im hoping that a few more months down the line i wont be as obsessive, but i think i will always be very aware of the syns in foods, and what i can and cant have to eat......esp whilst losing weight!

So, you are not alone - its very normal......well thats what i tell the people in my head lol! xxx :D
I am exactly the same...my boyfriend says im obsessed with both food and the gym....i dont think im obssessed but i do think about it alot...but if thats the case why cant i get to target :(


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I am not ashamed to say I am obsessed with food, I LOVE food :)

I think about tomorrow's food today, planning my lunches and dinners and making sure I have the correct meat out of the freezer etc if I need to.

I buy every foodie magazine going and read all the recipes, I have folders for dinner parties (non SW) and dinner parties (SW) and general SW type meals. I have lots of cookbooks.

I absolutely love to cook and I love to eat.

Whether I am dieting or maintaining, I think about food and when I was overweight I thought about food. Nothing's changed!

Food rules.

Mrs V

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I'm the same!
I obsess over what Im going to have the following day. I look forward to the next meal even after finishing a meal! I dont have any other vices, just food! Lol!
I think about food all the time, I love it so much.
My hubby says I'm only really happy when I'm eating. He's absolutely right of course :)
Me too, I'm always thinking about food. I just love experimenting so my thoughts are often that way inclined:rolleyes: If I'm not thinking about the next meal it's the meal after that. But I see my thoughts as healthy, I'm not thinking about unhealthy food it's about making & eating healthy tasty meals:D
I agree-at least the food we are thinking about will nourish our bodies the way it was intended to be!!!

Nice to see i'm not alone-thanks for all your comments!:)

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