I am on the verge of giving up!!

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Nicynoo, 19 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    So like the title says, I am about to give up!! I am so frustrated!

    I have fallen off the wagon BIG time this week and as a result have lost nothing! Granted, I haven't gained weight either but I am sooooo sick of myself.

    I can't seem to get back on track. Everyday is a 'fresh start' for me. I am otherwise a very happy person, just this weight is just so depressing.

    Pleeeeeease someone help me. I have two holidays booked to hot countries and I feel like not going, they may mistake me for a beached whale :cry:I am sooo stressed.

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  3. Phoenix_Girl

    Phoenix_Girl Full Member

    Don't give up.

    I know it's really easy to pack it in when you are feeling like you really fell off the wagon but you haven't gained any extra weight, you managed to maintain it.

    Can you identify where you feel you went wrong?

    Perhaps there was some sort of temptation which caused you to go on some sort of blowout?

    Look at the fantastic weight-loss you have managed so far, you have lost over a stone!

    Personally, I keep looking in the mirror and telling myself that I can lose the weight and see the difference already.

    Putting notes around the house can help to keep you focused, maybe put something on the fridge which you will see without fail when you try to open it, something on the mirror which you will see in the morning.
    Keep some snacks handy which follow the plan you are on so you don't get tempted and maybe make some smart swaps if you are tempted by anything in particular?
  4. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    Great advise and comments from Phoenix. Pleeease don't give up. You have done so well. It is not falling off the wagon that it is important, it is what you do after. Just dust yourself off and treat today/tomorrow as a new day. That is behind you. Remember your weight loss so far not the fact you stayed the same, and focus on the fact you could be XXlbs off next week. Take it one day at a time. Food is just not worth feeling so down about. You are strong and you deserve that holiday, but don't let it be a threat to sabotage you. Please use the forum here to keep supporting you. Good luck.
  5. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    I've had this dilemma so many times! Want to quit after a binge / a disappointing loss / an upsetting experience.

    Although Ive stuck to total solution 100% I haven't had the losses over the last 2 weeks that I wanted. So as I figure that I have 2 choices;
    1) Stay on track and hope for more next week (I'll lose something even if its not exactly what I want as long as I stick to plan)
    2) Quit; enjoy something really high in calories and eat what I want (which with my track record will result in an embarrassing weight gain in just 7 days and having nothing to wear to the wedding I'm attending in May)

    I am off work at the moment because I'm supposed to be in Australia with my friend. I cancelled the holiday because I couldn't face going at the size I was (I'm serious!). I now feel so guilty that I let her down and angry that I let myself down.

    SO I'm choosing option number one. Which are you choosing???

    Please don't quit. You can do it, you just need to REALLY want it

  6. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to my desperate cry, you have all helped so much.

    You are all right, in all honesty if I do give up, what would I do instead? Keep gaining thats what!

    I was so set on giving up that I didn't even buy my 4 week bumper pack today, I just ate a bag of Phileas Fog instead! But your posts have kicked me into shape. I'm so amped up with new determination that I am going to buy my bumper pack after this post! I just have to keep asking myself 'what are you going to do instead? Watch everyone else's success from the sidelines or join them?'

    Thank you soooooo much guys! Tomorrow will be hard to get back in the swing of it but I'm going to do it and I am going to do it well. I will keep you posted!
  7. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Good for you! :D
  8. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Yey!! Good luck chuck, you'll be fine xxxxx
  9. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Thank you so much! :D
  10. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    That is great to hear - and good luck .. Use the forum for support. It is easy when you are up but it is the down times you need the support. You will get there.
  11. demmeister

    demmeister Full Member

    My gf was a similar weight to you when she started on Cambridge last summer. She was on that for a couple of months before stopping for a break. While on that break she monitored her calories every day to ensure that she didn't put on any weight and in fact lost a bit more before starting on Exante in January.

    She's now down to 17st5lbs and planning on doing Exante for another couple of months before taking another break.

    My point is, don't feel like you have to lose all your weight in one go. Being on a vlcd can be incredibly hard and depressing which makes you prone to quitting or breaking the diet and not losing weight. Rather than saying "I want to be on this diet until I've lost 8 stone", try saying "I want to stay on this diet for two months". Get through those two months and then see how you feel - maybe you'll want a week off just to enjoy some healthy "real" food and maybe you'll be ready to dive into another two months.

    If you do break at all though, make sure to weigh every week and to count calories so that you don't put weight on.

    One of the key things that me and my gf have decided is that once we're eating real food again, we'll always weigh every week so that we never put on masses of weight again.
  12. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    That's really inspired me demeister! I always come off it then put all the weight back on (completely my own fault). But good to know its possible to keep it off if you try harder. I so hope I can so that myself when I have my "break" in May. Your GF is my idol, lol x
  13. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Demmeister, that is a very good attitude to have. :)
  14. demmeister

    demmeister Full Member

    Hehe, she's doing well with her weight loss but she's no saint ;-)

    She had a bad day on Thursday so she's having a 2000 calorie pizza and a bottle of cava to cheer herself up.

    Fortunately I know she'll hit the gym tomorrow and for the rest of the week to burn it off :)
    Last edited: 30 March 2014
  15. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Oh dear I hope you've made up now!
    Nobody is perfect, but if she hits the gym tomorrow to make up for it and is usually eating sensibly - then actually I think that she should have the pizza, lol! We all need some normality , it's not a slip up if you maintain your loss I guess x
  16. demmeister

    demmeister Full Member

    Yeah it's all good now :)

    She's drawn up a three week reward chart for herself (her hen do is in three weeks) so every three days she gets a (non-food) reward but only if she's stuck to three products a day and been to the gym every day. Her plan is to not weigh for three weeks so that she's not tempted to cheat if she's doing well.

    She's basically got two big pushes now before her final dress fitting - this three week period before her hen do and then another six week period after that. When she gets in the zone she can really do well on Exante!
  17. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    one thing we are doing this for ourselves
    we look good, we feel good
    one thing ive noticed you lose people along the way because your changing your lifestyle, and abide only by your rules, thumbs up for weight loss, thumbs down for so called friends who find it hard to bare when we as individuals are doing something great!!!
    so brush it off, and hit the nail on the head :)
    we are all here for eachother

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