I am proud of myself because

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  1. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    A key part of weight loss and keeping it off is been proud of yourself for getting there and doing it.

    On here we are good at giving each other praise and support but not ourselves.

    So for a bit of self praise name one thing everyday that you are proud of yourself for doing.

    It doesn't always have to be weight related it could just be something as simple as getting all the ironing done.

    I'm proud of all of you so be proud of yourselves.
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  3. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    im proud of myself for sticking to the gym :D
  4. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    hey clare ... good luck with your WI today :)

    sorry about last night on FB i sort of passed out a bit lol thats why i just logged off:)
  5. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    o kels its only it was tonight its tomorrow (go to WW on a wed) :( *sniffle sniffle* dont worry bout FB last night :D
    How are ya neways!! ?? xxxx
  6. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    ha ha sorry i keep thinking its wed!
    im really good ... was my mums bday yesterday so had a good eat and drink..

    hows things with you haven't had a catch up in a while

  7. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    I knooo i spend my life at the gym so suppose we keep missing each other lol!
    im good loving being back on WW to be honest just hope i get a ok loss tomorrow!
    Did your mum have a good birthday???
    Im in need of a good drink lol x

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