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I am SICK!

Hi tasha, you sound very determined, sending lots of good luck to you, stick with it, and if you struggle remember your sadness/this low point to spur you on, and make sure you come to minimins if you find it tough and are getting tempted. If you have lost 26lb before you know you can do it!!! I look forward to reading your updates. xx
Thank you

I am just so upset right now i could cry. If i stuck to this diet i would have been lovely and slim right now :( My mum came with me to my CDC last night and we all had a good chat and i am going to give it my best shot this time. My mum is visiting from cyprus for another 3weeks so she is going to really help me and i hope by that time i wont want to break all my mums hard work ...... and my own so will stick to it. I really want this more than anything :( Ugh! First day back on it today i am feeling so strong, but yet i always do for the first 2weeks and then i come off it! Please help me xxxx


hoping for a good loss
Hey Tasha, lovely to see you here sweetie. I am into week 3 of restart now. I am like you, if I had stuck to it from the beginning I would be at goal by now too.

You know you can do it - just look what you ahve acheived so far. Keep at it and use us in your moments of weakness.

Charlie xx


please try again
hey tasha, dont cry hun
and the kicking yourself over the what coulda been, stop it, it doesnt help.
im also a long time struggler on cambridge, am currently a tad heavier than my ticker suggests but i just cant give up, just keep jumping back on, one day we will get there were both just taking that slightly seanic route


Slowly but surely x
You are amongst friends here and most of us post everyday....hope we can encourage you x


My husband = My hero
Good luck with your restart chick!

LOL, I'm with you on that scenic route, Claire :D xx

Welcome back Tasha! Try not to think, "Ooh, I'd have been slim by now if I'd stuck to it" - it really doesn't help (I should know, LOL - I 'should've been slim' 3 years ago now :))

Life gets in the way, that's all. :sigh:

One day at a time, okay? And try not to think too far ahead or start trying to predict how much you might lose by such and such a date - that way lies madness!

We're all here for you, hun. {{{Hugs}}}
Hi there and welcome back.... instead of thinking what might have been, think of what will be when you stick to CD and in your moments of weakness come on here and post!!
:D Hey beautiful Lady as you can see I'm still here and plodding on. Sorry to hear you are feeling down but you are here amongst friends who will support you through the ups and downs. You're still here and you're not giving up. Don't dwell on what you have or haven't done but look forward and most of all keep posting. How has your first day gone?
Hello honey, I remember you from last time. I also keep thinking that if I had stuck to my original plan i would be at goal now!!! I feel really crap about myself too, but am still trying, and I know that one day I'm going to make it. So, dont feel bad, you're not the only one :cry:
The important thing is that you're here now
Forget about the past, it's all about the future and this time you'll succeed!!

Good luck on your restart x


This will be my year
Aw hunni, of course I remember you, and I remember how many times you kept me going when I was about to quit. It's good to see you back - I hope it isn't my fault with the PM :)

We've all taken the scenic route at times - it's a well trod road for most of us, but you're back, you're motivated and you're a strong lady, you know you can do it.... :D

Vicki xx


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