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Yesterday i got weighed after my first week on cd . Very very pleased to say that i lost 11 lb .Guess what . Not one member of my family have asked me how i did ! :cry:I know that they are most probably thinking that this is another diet that isnt gonna work but hey i expected a little more support , encouragment and praise from them . In fact their attitude makes me more determined than ever . Is anyone else doing this with no family support ?
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Dont you worry about them cos remember you are doing this for you........well done wat a great loss.

Keep it up and dont let anyone hold you down.
Well done you! You'll get all the support you need on here..... who cares what they think? Just keep at it and they will watch and be amazed to see you shrink before their eyes! But you'll probably find that as they see it working and you feeling good, they will become more supportive - I think a lot of peope encounter initial scepticism in their loved ones. Good luck!


The Diet Guy
I was very lucky with my family support but did have a couple of people at work be very negative.

But to be honest this diet is all about you!! 11 pounds is absolutely brilliant and expect you to get to the first stone lost next week, and anyway will only be a couple of weeks before everyone is asking what you are doing!! You will be shrinking before their eyes!

Hang in there and well done



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11 lbs is a fantastic start, well done. I know what you mean about family support, I went through hell getting into ketosis and would have appreciated some TLC. Mind you when I went to cheat :eek: they all united and stopped me, so maybe deep down they really want you to do it.
My husband tried everything to stop me from starting. He's a big believer in eating healthy and exercising. When I told him about cd and how it worked he said to do what I thought was right, so I told him it was my choice and I was doing it for me. I don't think he has any faith in me though as when I tell him I could lose 2 stone in the next 9 weeks he says 'well, even if you manage to lose a stone you'll feel better'. I know that's a nice thing to say, but I am paranoid and take it like he is saying, you won't lose 2 stone so don't build your hopes up!

Anyway, I will lose 2 stone (hopefully a tad more:)) because I want to, then after the hols I will get back to it and be at goal for xmas :D

Dcookie, 11lb is brilliant...well done :party0049:

Lou xxx
Awwww you are doing Great!!!!!!!!

I am lucky that i am doing this diet with my husband and he really supports me and i support him...it must be so hard doing it by yourselfand you are doing fantastically well...i do not think i could do it by myself with no support!!!

None of the rest of our families support us though and this really hurts...they will all know we really mean it when we are at goal and looking great huh???;)

Good luck and keep on going you are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can do this.
hi..11lb... what a great start, welldone.Rememver, u are doing this for u..when u need support come on here.


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11 lbs is FANTASTIC

Well done :)

I think some people are sceptical about me doing this too but I'm ignoring any negativity because it makes ME feel good and it's working, so sod 'em. They'll be eating their words :D

Good luck for the next week :)
11lbs is a great loss, well done you!
sorry your family isnt being supportive the way you want them to be, perhaps you should tell them that you would like them to ask you how you are doing, what you have lost etc

sil x


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Hi there,

I think a lot of people are very unsupportive of this diet because they don't have the knowledge and understanding there.

Try not to worry about this too much, just crack on with the diet and prove to them that its all safe and it works!

Within no time you will be hitting your target weight and they can shove that where the sun don't shine :p xx

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