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i am so mad ... im having a rant and its not about cd !!!

i am bloody furious . just been on the phone to my gynae consultant secretary . saw him last week and hes booked me for hysterectomy .
he attempted as did my gp to remove my coil and its a non starter !!! said he would have me in within 8 weeks .
after my lovely chat with the sec , the consultant is leaving end of this month, never told me that.the waiting list is 16 wks, he ytold me 8( thought it was too good to be true ) . he has written to my gp to say he has suggested i try the coil for longer and that i am on the list for hysterectomy but its risky !
the muppet couldnt get the coil , said he would do hysterectomy thru my (4) c section scars but didnt tell me i was high risk !
he knows im a nurse within the same nhs trust although i work community . so hes just blown smoke up my arse to keep me quiet. so now waiting for my gp to ring me back as its the bloody coil thats causing the pain and gave me weight gain !!!!!!!!
i dont mind being on the waiting list for 16 weeks , il wait my turn like everyone else , but i cant stand the next 16 weeks in constant pain.... im becoming a druggie !!!
sorry for the rant girls but im so cross cos i have been misinformed. did the man think i am completely stupid ! had to let off steam so this seemed as good a place as any .:mad:
thanks for listening
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Loooooves MiniMins
OMG! the git! bloody liar! Get answers Sue, I would! You are totally right to be angry hun! Why is it risky for you?


Silver Member
OMG Sue, you sound at the end of your tether and who can blame you. I can't say anything knowledgable but I can send you some huge hugs to help with the pain, I hope you get this sorted soon x
i think cos of all the scar tissue from 4 c sections . he did say it was a mess up there ..... but he hasnt told me im high risk . he only told me my cervix was solid and he didnt think he would be able to remove it . so im guessing that my uterus has adhered to other internal parts !!!! like my bladder, bowel ..... im just annoyed that he wasnt honest , and he didnt tell me he was leaving , didnt tell me 16 week wait . hasnt admitted to gp he couldnt get the coil out !!
im comig back as a man next time round .


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Sue pop into chat if you want, I'm hanging about in there for a bit x


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God Sue, I'm so sorry--that sounds like a nightmare.


Just a thought, but as your gynae is leaving at the end of the month, it'll surely be another gynae who does your op? So maybe the new gynae will be able to get the coil out? You never know...

Could you ask to see someone else? Seems like a second opinion is definitely necessary here--particular in view of the way you've been messed around. An official complaint might just work... you work in the NHS ;). You know how these things work...

As I said, just a thought

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