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I am soooooo hungry this week????

:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:Hi, in week 2. I think I am getting hungrier?????????, I have been 100% the whole time and all I can think about this week is a toasted sandwich??????

wk1 - 10lb off

anyone know why?, will it go away. I wasnt hungry days 3 - 7???
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Serena A

Can't think of a title

Maybe it's "head hunger" rather than physical hunger otherwise you probably wouldn't be craving something so specific i.e. the toasted sandwich, you would just want to eat to not feel hungry?

Stick with it, it will settle down, promise x
could be although my tummy rumbles constantly.......determined to stick going to be 3 stone lighter by end of March......

are you on ss or ss+????

wondered if ss+ might be a wee bit easier

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Oh my tummy still grumbles! It also does it when I'm not on a diet at all! Your thing does sound more like a craving to me though, you know like when you're not on a diet but really fancy a certain takeaway or whatever, and you get that niggling feeling for days until you have it...or is that just me lol.

I attended a CD group where they put us all on SS+ for 12 weeks and nearly everyone got to their 3 stone loss in that time (the only ones who didn't were the ones who didn't follow CD properly).

If you need to take food out of the equation altogether then the SS+ version with the 4 CD packs + milk is good too.
It can take your body about 2weeks to totally get use to not receiving calories and having to burn fat for energy. So keep glugging the water - and it will get easier from now on.

It could also be a phantom hunger - where your mind craves rather than your body.

Either way - no toasted sarnies and you'll see even more weight off next week!


Skinny Soon ?!
I am in week two and I have been having these sort of thoughts - mine is for prawn cocktail though. Still glugging away and looking forward to a lighter me! I will be strong !
Good to hear I am not going mad or should I say madder,

how did you get on week one??
Hi, i'm just finishing week 2 of my restart and there have been a few times where i have been starving and i know its not 'head hunger'. I found it abit strange that i was hungry when in ketosis but i think you can have those days sometimes. The body is a strange thing. Just keep drinking the water and try not to do too much physical exercise becuse that can make you hungry too. xx
could be although my tummy rumbles constantly.......
In the early days, the grumbles really did bug me because I equated that to hunger, when really it is our intestines pushing our food through to the other end. I figure since we don't have "food" there is not the same amt that needs to be pushed through as before eww..tmi? Anyway I started thinking that when my tummy grumbles it is confirming to me that I am fighting fat and losing weight. Everytime I grumble that is what comes to my mind so it makes me glad that I grumble lol I know wierd!:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:
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Don't forget that feeling hungry is more often because you are thirsty, and not that you are actually hungry for f**d.

You can't tell the difference between the 2 nomally, but while in Ketosis it's a safe bet that pretty much any hunger you feel is either total head hunger, or because you are thristy :)
oh i like your new pic pete..have you been working out ?, you look all muscley!!!
Nope, not done a thing, but thank you! :D
LOL It's probably just leftover from my days in the gym and playing rugby at school/college, before the 4 years of "university" fat rolls rolled over it all :p

Hobekat, hope you're feeling less hungry today! :)
:):):):)Not so bad today, tried some coke zero to keep me going..............

good news is skin is great and have loads of energy... roll on wednesday weigh in

anyone know anything about the possible hair loss????????

Pete thanks for advice turning into a swimming pool with all the water im drinking:8855:
Hi hun, its good to hear that you are feeling much better today. I think it just takes abit of time for your body to adjust to the diet.

I wouldnt worry about the hairloss. When i first did CD, i started to experience abit of hairloss once i lost about 3 stones. It wasnt much and its all grown back now.

Some people have experienced hair loss when they start moving up the steps and when they return to eating but it shouldnt last long and it should grow back soon after. Its all part of the cylcle that your hair grows through.

But if you're really concerned, try doing a search for hairloss on here and you should find alot of information about what others experienced and how they went about looking after there hair. I know i posted something a while back about a shampoo bar that i was using from Lush to help make my hair thicker and i would highley reccommend it.


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