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I am STARVING tonight !!!!

I just want to eat!!!! Dont know what is wrong with me !!
Just munched a packet of meat - ASDA Good for you Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham. Was delish and then realised that it isnt syn free! Typed it into google!!! Not sure how many syns is in it can someone help plz !!
I hv 2 Garlic and Herb Sausages in the Oven from Joes Sausages .... at least they are within free syns!!!
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Lady A

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Hiya Debs,

We all have days like this so you're not alone. I usually have fruit, yogurt followed by a cup of tea and then I stick some sugar free gum in my mouth and paint my nails. 9 times out of 10 I'm not hungry by the time the polish dries and you have pretty nails too! Hope it helps. xx
I hv just started that time in the month yesterday and all I want to do is eat! A daft question .... can u eat anything on the syn free list at anytime??? Like potatoes made into chips, syn free sausages, yoghurts etc????? I hv had a good day but i dont want to spoil it by over eatin my syns xxx

Lady A

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Some people do and have great losses others find that it slows their losses down so it's trial n error i'm affraid. Personally I'd add some eggs to the sausages to bulk it out and then move onto super free foods if you're still hungry after that. I've just got over * week and I was making milkshakes with my HexA allowance, a scoop of wall's soft scoop light ice cream (3 syns per scoop) & a sachet of vanilla canderel which was very nice with a banana and very filling. You can make hot chocolates with your milk allowance & cadbury's highlights too. Try n surround yourself with superfree foods and make sure you are eating enough at main meal times and drinking enough in between meals. xx
thanks. Wot dou keep as super free food then??? im really needing help ... im always on the same all the time. Only free foods i keep is yoghurts, fruit and mug shots but dont like them xx

Found this Asda Chosen By You on syns online

Wafer Thin Smoked Ham, chilled, 100g
EE -Free

HTH :)
Thanks. It was the Honey Roast Ham that I was eating. I am sure it was 2.5 syns, well if i calculated it correctly online. Can you check for me if i gv u the nutritional info??? xx


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I've been like this all day. Woke up with my belly making noises that you'd expect to hear in the jungle!

Banana & apple later, nope belly still talking to me, I had my lunch of home made veg & lentil soup & 2 slices wholemeal bread at 11:30am! Did me for half hr, spent the rest of the day watching & drooling at people eating crisps, sweets, oh and someone came in with chips & fish bites, that was the killer! Had to last out till 7pm then when I had SW curry & rice, did not touch the sides I ate so quick. Great again for another half hr, apple, pear, now led in bed still feeling hungry!

Btw must be a * week thing, me too x
I'm hungry tonight as well. Used 3 syns for a mini egg thing I've got left over from Easter, but the craving for chocolate is still there. I've only used 5.5 syns today so could have something, but am going to try and resist as I like to be tighter with my syns during the week so I can relax a bit at the weekend and enjoy a few glasses of wine. My TOTM is due at the end of the week, and that always means I'm starving in the week running up to it! I'm not normally susceptible to PMT symptoms like bloating or water retention, so really hope it doesn't affect my thursday weigh in too much
I was VERY hungry last night had about 5 chicken legs :) nomm, then a 3 egg omlete, then a bacon & cheese toastie! All that was just my tea! Im a greedy little munchkin lol no syns though so not feeling guilty :D
My hunger did subside and havnt ate too much today. I am still thinking it is to do with * time as my belly is rumbling a bit just now. I dont feel particularly hungry at the mo, well not as bad as last night but going to go head to bed. got a big day tomorrow. Hubby and I have our very first consultation at the infertility clinic for ivf!! So excited and scared at the same time!!! Wish me luck !!!

P.S .... allie08, i put the nutritional info in and got 2.5 syns. I must not have done it right. In the first step where there are drop down boxes, do you select any of them? xx

Lady A

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Hey Debs!

Sorry I abandoned the thread I'm a bit under the weather so I'm feeling sorry for myself :cry: Hope your * week isn't troubling you too much. Hope everything goes well at the fertility clinic today. BIG hugs hun xx
thanks huni, hope you are feeling better soon babe!!

Fertility Clinic went alright, prob better than I expected. I wrote a post on the BMI forum :)


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