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As this question comes up a lot, here's a place for a master list of meal ideas for induction (NOTE: this means no nuts or berries).

Post your ideas and I'll add them to the list - just the name, not the recipe, but you can leave recipes in comments if you like.

Please check the recipe section, things like mims and many other ideas can be found there.


Boiled eggs and asparagus dippers
Flax porridge
Mim toasted with butter and marmite
Bacon and mushroom stir fry
Salmon and cream cheese roll ups
Salmon and scrambled eggs
Baked eggs
Egg crepes (egg and cream)
Fried egg on oopsie bread
Mashed cauliflower bubble and squeak cakes
Sausages and mayo dip
cream cheese pancakes (


Egg mayo or chicken mayo salad
Salami and cheese roll ups
Mim sandwich
Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham
Slice of low carb pizza
Sandwich in oopsie bread
Slice of crustless quiche
Cheese and turkey lettuce wraps
Chicken drumsticks
Cheese salad
Bowl of courgette soup
Chicken stock soup
Miso soup
Low carb tamagoyaki
Grilled chicken skewers
King prawns with mayo dip
Low carb sausages


Steak and celeriac chips
Chicken stir fry
Beef or chicken casserole
Spicy cod fillets with asparagus
Courgette noodles with cream cheese sauce
Cheeseburger pie (mince with cheese and egg topping, baked in oven)
Crustless quiche
Roast dinner with leeks, broccoli, courgette, celeriac
Pork chops with cauliflower mash
Boiled eggs with asiaragus dippers
Steak eggs and mushrooms
Chicken baked in Parmesan mayo
Chicken and Mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce
Flattened chicken breasts grilled then topped with cheese and spring onion
Scallops with bacon and black pudding
Cauliflower in cream cheese sauce
Chilli mince
Meat with cauliflower rice
Egg fried cauliflower rice
Spicy prawns
Sag paneer with cauli rice
Sag and prawn curry
Spicy fish with garlic fried cabbage
Salmon fillet with cheese and spring onion crust
Sesame five spice chicken
Chicken pizza - toppings on flattened chicken breast
Meatzza - like nigellas recipe, pizza with baked mince base
Pan fried cod or haddock with celeriac chips
Haddock in creamy cheese sauce
Baked haddock wrapped in Parma ham
Prawns in Boursin sauce with courgetti
Chicken breast stuffed with Boursin
Pulled pork carnitas with salad and guacamole


Chopped steamed cabbage - pasta substitute
(top with mince instead of spaghetti)
Celeriac - potato substitute
(bake as chips, roast as roasties, slice for dauphinoise)
Courgette - pasta substitute
(make 'courgetti' strips and smother with sauce)
Cauliflower - everything substitute
(mash with butter, grate and use as rice, google cauliflower pizza crust)
Shirataki noodles and 'slim pasta'
(carb free yam noodles from holland and barret or online)


Swiss roll
Rhubarb stewed with sweetener and cream
Sugar free jelly and cream
Cocoa whipped with cream and sweetener
Cocoa bark
Flourless sweet egg bun
Cream cheese cheesecake with flax base


Salami crisps
Cheese crisps
Pork scratchings
Celery and cream cheese
Mini babybel
Mini pepperami
Slice of Swiss roll
Kelp chips
Cauliflower poppers
Hard boiled eggs
Devilled eggs
Cold sausages
King prawns and mayo
Chicken sateh
Cucumber dippers and blue cheese dip


Chicken or lamb tikka pieces and salad
Tandoori meat and salad

Crispy duck - throw away pancakes and sauce

Burger place:
Any burger without the bun - pref. also without ketchup.

Meat & cheese on salad

Pret a manger
Crayfish breadless sandwich salad

Kebab shop
Yes to Shish meat, no to doner meat
Yes to salad and garlic mayo, no to pita
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Would like to add (under dinner)

- chilli mince
- any protein with cauli rice

And under puds -

- cream cheese and flax cheesecake - any flavouring
Would like to add under breakfast baked eggs and egg crepe and under snacks choc bun.
Would like to add under dinners

Spicy prawns
Sag paneer with cauli rice
Sag and prawn curry
Spicy fish with garlic fried cabbage
Salmon fillet with cheese and spring onion crust
Here you go - by the way, you can usually find things like this in the Recipes thread - or search the site


3oz cream cheese
3 eggs
pinch of cream of tarter

some salt
1 tbsp ground flaxseed

separate the eggs, whip the whites with the cream of tarter until stiff. Mix the yokes with the, salt, flaxseed and cream cheese. When the whites are really stiff, fold them into the yokes. (I fold my cream cheese mix into my whites) then place on lined baking sheet in either rounds which need to be flattened (so they look like baps) or you can make one large one in a rectangle and bake for 25 mins in oven mine is a fan so i do it at 160

take out and cool a little and peel off the backing sheet

you can add a little splenda and cinnamon, or just experiment with them.
Updated with a few more ideas. There are over 60 meals listed now - ready for anyone who thinks Atkins food must be boring!
I don't have any cream of tartar, but google says baking powder is a mix of baking soda and cream of tartar... Do you think it's gonna be oh to make oopsie rolls with baking powder or just omit cream of tartar from the recipe til I get some??? Hope this makes sense :/
Louise, I don't put any raising agent in as I don't like the taste. Mine have always been ok, but I don't know how they compare to those with it in iyswim!
Great thanks, I'm gonna give them a whirl without then, but that was my dilemma how will I know what they are supposed to look like normally haha :) x
Bumping for new joiners.

Also I never use cream of tartar, just whip the eggs really stiff.