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I am very scared !


synful soul
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Last night whilst watching the T.V. I had an itch in my throat, scratched it and felt a lump. DH felt it and went into panic mode.

Because of my history of cancer I rang the Health Center this morning and when I explained to the receptionist what it was he asked me to go in this morning.

My doctor, who has also had breast cancer and is a patient of the same oncologist as me, examined me and explained that she was asking for an appointment for me to see a specialist. I was shocked when I was told it is for 9a.m. tomorrow morning.

It is brilliant that it has been taken so seriously and that I will only suffer one nights wait until I see the specialist, but I have to be quite honest and say I am very, very scared. I do not want to go through all that again. I feel so well and am enjoying my life.

In all probability it will just be an infection............please God. I must hold that thought .
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Devon Dolce

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Big hugs hun, let us know how you get on tomorrow - lots of love xxx


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You are taking all steps to getting it checked out. You have every right to feel scared and nervous because of your past history, but keep your hopes up that it will be an infection at the very worst. All the stress and worry is a waste of energy, try to focus that energy on being well and being in control at a time that others would fall to pieces xx


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I have read many of your posts and you always provide sound advice for others which has motivated me to reply to your post.

It may just be an infection. I know we all think the worst when they rush things through, but with your past history that is exactly what I would expect them to do. It doesn't mean it's bad it just means they are keeping a closer eye on you.

I've just read what I've written and it seems so abrupt which is not what I am wanting to convey at all.
Words can't sum up what I am trying to say so I will send you big hugs and keep everything crossed for you.


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Everything crossed for you, hope it comes back as nothing, thinking of you (((HUGS)))


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Try not to worry Fillymum - just think tomorrow you will go to the specialist and they will be able to get you checked over right away and you will be fine. It's probably just a case of your glands being up, but you were 100% doing the right thing to get it checked out straight away to put your mind to rest about it.

Will be thinking about you - let us know how you got on xxx


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I keep everything crossed for you. x
I hope it is something harmless and I am glad you can get it checked pretty much straight away.
Loads of hugs, Jill xx

as Tillymax said, with our history they'll check anything out as a matter of course. So glad it's tomorrow as the waiting & not knowing is the pits.

Fingers, toes & eyes crossed for you
Oodles of hugs & best wishes.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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On the up side, it is good you do not have to wait too long to see a specialist and I am sending prayers and best wishes the news will be good.:fingerscrossed:

Big Hugs:gen126:

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
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aww - will send some good vibes your way hun.

you only have a matter of hours to wait which is good - i'm sure they are giving you the best of care cos of your history.

i too have had cancer and can honestly say that i would feel exactly the same as you if i ever found anything scary.

big hugs hun and looking forward to reading your post tomorrow saying it is just something trivial .:hug99::hug99:


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((((hugs)))) fingers crossed for you for tommorrow, let us know how you get on x


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Aw Sue, that is scary indeed. Thank the lord you're getting seen quickly though to rule out anything serious. You're such a wonderful lady - I wish you all the very best of luck and send ((((Big Hugs)))). Keep us posted.


synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
What a wonderful bunch of folks you all are.

Thank you so much for your support. It means such a lot especially to someone like me who is a long way from family.

My DH is besides himself with worry. In a way it is almost a relief to have to comfort and reassure him. Whilst doing that I am reassuring myself.

It will just be an inflamed gland I know it. It will, it will, it will.

As you have all said at least I do not have the agony of waiting days and days to see someone.

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