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I blew it tonight...


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And now I feel like crap a doodle-do! I knew I had a curry planned with OH tonight prior to the circus so in my head I prepared what I was going to have: chicken shashlik, boiled rice and 1 x chapatti. But what happened was:

x2 poppadums to begin with + lots of yummy chutneys including the oily garlic pickle which I was obsessed with:eek: I then had my chicken shashlik but the rice it came with was pilau (I was going to order separately but it came with the dish and I forgot to ask if it was pilau or boiled.

The shashlik also came with a tomato and chickpea sauce which I polished off with the rest of the rice. The worst thing was, I was full half way through the meal but cos it was quite pricey and I just finished it, I felt a bit sick after TBH! I then had a square of choc which came free after the meal.

1hr30 later at the circus I had 1/2 a can of coke with OH and a stick of candy floss :eek: so including my lunch and brekkie I have consumed nearly 1950 kcals today :( :( luckily I had done 1hrs body combat today so burnt approx 360 kcals so my overspill was only about 50kcals but I still feel like I've blown it.

At this rate it's going to take me 5yrs to slim!!
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Honestly..If all you've gone over is 50 cals I really wouldn't worry...
I'd also be surprised if you only burnt off 360 cals doing Body Combat!! Do you use a hrm??

The thing is to put last night behind you and get back on track today.. You'll be fine :)


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Don't worry about it, sometimes it actually helps, to have a blow out, this weight losing thing is a long journey & we do have to allow ourselves the odd treat every now and then. I wonder how often you ate this type of thing before, if anything like me takeaways were a weekly event and there lies the difference, this is a one off, then enjoy it, remove guilty feelings and carry on your journey. :)


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Hey dont beat yourself up . Today is a new day just get back on track . And 50 cals is not too bad. Im sure you will be fine x x
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At least youve realised your wrong doing lol.. Your too hard on yourself youve probly 'run, jumped and press uped it off by now' I have been a bit free with my wine this week and feel bad now. So i'll cut back to make up for it and not doing a sunday roast today. A healthy fish pie instead lol xx


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S: 17st7.5lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 4st5.5lb(25.05%)
That feeling of guilt is REALLY hard to shift though isn't it?! :eek:
It is but the guilt can also lead to "ah well ive been bad so i may as well have this cake etc" so put it behind you and start again today. Here speaks the voice of experience lol
I agree with everyone on here. Don't worry about it, draw a line under it and start again. It really doesn't sound that bad though. Sometimes when I have gone over my cals, I look on MFP at my BMR. As long as I am under that, then I don't panic so much. :)
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Wouldnt worry abt it. the guilt is horrible but the minute u lose another pound that guilt will be a distant memory.

Tomorrow is a new day!!

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