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I bottled it...


My husband = My hero
Mornin everyone,

not been on much this weekend, busy busy

decided to start to refeed, as have OH's 21st birthday meal on saturday and mine the week after..

Sat night had grilled chicken, and on sunday had chicken and salad...

but iv bottled it, im not ready, :wave_cry: i wana carry on, im so so close an im scared i wont get back on it

so decided to just go back to TFR come off for one meal, feel sick then go back on for a week have my bday meal feel sick then stauy on for another 2 weeks til i go to Barca, have 3 days off feel sick then abck on ti i finish

i know it goes against everythin ur supposed to do, but a dont care, am not ready to eat yet!!

am still really greedy in my head, and this showed at the weekend,

so im back, with avengance, and already findin it hard this morning, thinkin of porriage an toast, think av broke the spell!!

just gota be strong today an all will be well

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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ah lauren you have done really well so dont beat yourself up about it chick :)

If you feel this is going to be the best way for you - do it :) aslong as your meals are healthy and contain very little carbs!

You can do it honey xx


My husband = My hero
Thats just i hun i cant haha i cant refeed im not readyt!

its weird, but im addicted to lipotrim now!!

just wana ge tthis weightoff an get skinny once an for all!!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
haha!!! i feel the same too chick!!
All weekend i was asked - is it not bothering you people eating food around you - my reply was no! i dont miss it i am loving LT - they all think i am insane!! lol

But i am no where near ready to come off LT so you having meals at the weekend was brave an hopefully your straight back on the wagon ready to shift your last few pounds!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oh, why did it make you feel sick eating?? x


Slowly but surely!
I understand what you mean I know I have been only going a week but im terrified of coming off already, good luck with whatever you decide to do you have done so well, it was partly your posts that made me try lipotrim in the first place !


I love my purdy shoes
Lauren isn't crazy how we can like being on the diet..i'm the same wish i'd never have refed last time...I hate starting it but once i'm on it it's great...at least if your only breaking it for one meal you won't be able to eat much x


My husband = My hero
The food just "flumped" into my stomach, still feel sick today, feel like theres a foot ball in my tummy!!

cant wait to have an empty belly again haha

yer its strange ladies, but its all worth it, spose this is the whole re conditioning part, that we need to work on!

fingers crossed i canstick to it, finding it really hard today think am in a food mindset again, but the fact i feel so sick this morning is stoppin me raidin the bikkie barrel!!
Lauren you are doing great and it must of been so hard over the weekend. I keep dreaming that I have cheated and then wake up panicking. You are doing great and this will pass in a few days hopefully x x


My husband = My hero
Thansk hunni!!

jsut had my second shake, still feeling full from the first one, but want them out teh way early so i sleep tonight!!

feel fab jus havin shakes again haha think i am out of ketosis though, but wont take long to get back in, feeling better about it already!!



I will be skinny again!!!
Aaah good luck chick!! hope your ok :) xxxx
You know your own body Lauren!! Good luck getting back on LT! When i did the same as you, on day 2 i had terrible wind!! But im sure your gonna be ok!! xx

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