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I can do this!!

Not sure how this works so tell me if i'm posting in the wrong place please. Rejoined SW on monday after several failed attempts. Feeling really positive and motivated. This is my time!! Day one went great. Had the smothered chicken for tea which was yummy. Better than pub grub my hubby said which is praise indeed. Full of cold today but need to stay away from the lemsips, soothers etc and save my syns for nice stuff. Good luck to you all. Bring on day 2 x
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Always comes back to MMs!
Hello and welcome - you're in the right place!

Glad you enjoyed your fab first day, and hope you get a good loss this week.

Take care though with your cold, and def use your syns for a Lemsip if you need it, you need to look after yourself, healthy eating or no healthy eating! xxxxxxxx
Thanks. Feeling bit better today. Diets going great so far. Well it is if i'm doing it right!!! Hubby's trying to do it but he's a take away fiend so we've tried the sw doner kebabs and kentucky fried chicken and loved both. Fish and chips and curry next. Hope everyone's had a good day x
Thanks i'll have a look for that recipe. Was put off a couple by the amount of different spices and stuff needed. Just be way too expensive. Trying to build up my supplies so i can cook everything from scratch. Enjoying trying out new recipes and ideas tho so thanks again x
First big test tonight. At work til ten and first thing i'd mormally do when i get in is raid the cupboards. Need to have something healthy but appetising waiting for me or do i save my syns and treat myself then? Advice so i dont fail at the first hurdle please x
Survived!! Made a big rice pudding and saved my chocolate for when i got in from work. 100% week so far. Good thing about getting weighed on a monday is hopefully it will stop me cheating on a weekend. Cooked brekkie today and smothered chicken for lunch/tea, Its our new favourite. Have a good day x
1 onion
1tsp mild chilli powder
227ml passata
3 tbsp artificial sweetener
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 tsp mustard powder
Saute onion and chilli powder for 5 mins, stir in rest of ingredients,bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins
Cook chicken breasts for 15 mins at 180 for 15 mins,
take out and cover with rasher of bacon,cook for 10 mins. Top with the barbecue sauce and grated cheese from allowance and cook for 5 mins. Enjoy
Well its day 6 and think i've had a really good 1st week .Still not convinced i'm doing it right as i've eaten loads and its been really tasty food that just doesn't feel like diet grub. Doner kebabs, kentucky fried chicken, rice pudding?????? Certainly beats the milk shakes i had last week! 1st weigh in tomorrow so guess i'll find out if it really was too good to be true. Resisted the urge to jump on my scales cos i know if i haven't lost i'll go off the rails today then not go tomorrow. Not gonna happen tho. Be positive, be positive!!
Long way to go but so happy cos i really thought i was doing it wrong with the amount i was eating and all yummy stuff too.
Hi there, thanks for your post in my dairy. Just to say don't be worried about doing green, I used to be veggi and so did only green days, I lost 3 stone.

Also massive well done on your great loss :D keep going you'll be where you want to be before you know it x


Plodding on.......
Hi Lin,

Just read your thread. WELL DONE on a brilliant first week. I'm so pleased for you and that must have given you such a boost. How many syns did you have in the end ?

Hope this week has started well for you.

Gail x
Thanks Gail. Used my syns everyday on chocolate. Felt like a naughty schoolgirl but was advised at group to use them. Was convinced it wouldn't work so was very shocked and happy with my loss x

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