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I can with Dukan

Hello everyone. I'm Katy. I've been lurking around here for a couple of weeks and am finally taking the plunge. I apologise in advance, I think this will be a really long post! but hopefully I'll be posting on here from now on so I thought I'd give you an insight into my life.

My stats are a bit strange and a lot of people on previous forums told me that I'm at a healthy weight and I don't need to lose. My current BMI is 23 But I need to explain that at 5'3 and 130lbs (60kg), I am 30% Body fat!! So BMI doesn't strictly work for me. I have a tiny skeleton, with 5 inch wrists. I'm suffering from a lot of back pain and sciatica and with 30G size bra it certainly doesn't help! My doctor advised me to lose some weight and hopefully my back pain will ease. I was around a size 8 most of my life. Until I met my boyfriend who's a bodybuilder on 5000 calories a day! I began to eat more and more and weigh more and more. Urgh! and shot up 20kg before I knew it.

Last year I did Atkins for a couple of months and it was working great for me and I was able to stick with it great. But then around Christmas, I was feeling really ill with stomach pains and then ended up in hospital in January. I was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease, nothing to do with Atkins but I was told to lay off the fatty foods.

Mum and I then began Weight Watchers shortly after, which I did for 5 weeks and decided it totally wasn't for me. I don't like the idea of being able to eat everything, it's just too tempting for me! It's working really well for my mum. But I like a diet that's restrictive and regimental, and of course, scientific which is why Atkins had worked for me. I've lost about 7kg so far. and I think Dukan is the one for me to take me down another 10kg or so.

I've had the Dukan book since the day it was released last year, but I didn't start because I felt I needed a bit of encouragement from others who are in the same situation. I'm so glad I've found this board! Everyone is so nice.

So I'm finally beginning tomorrow but I have yet another hiccup. I'm going to do some charity work in Romania next week for 8 weeks, so I don't know if I will get oatbran etc out there. So I was thinking of going to the supermarket and stocking up. Anyone have any ideas how much I should buy for 8 weeks? Luckily Wizz Air allow me 32kg luggage allowance! :p

Thank you for your time and hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other on here.

Katy xx
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Welcome, Katy. I reckon you'll get the results you want and good luck with it.

I'm two weeks into the diet and it doesn't look like I've used even half my 500g pack of Mornflake oatbran, so I reckon two packs of 500g would see you through your eight weeks, but maybe get a third one for peace of mind. You'll easily fit it into your luggage!


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Hi, Katy. I'm only 5'2" with a bird-like frame and wrists like little sticks and so can understand where you're coming from. Have you been onto the official Dukan site and calculated your "true weight" target, though? It gives you a good idea of the weight that you should be aiming for and that is sustainable for you. I'm an inch shorter than you, again with a tiny frame, and was recommended 113lbs. As I said, I know what's it like to be a shortie with an ideal weight which must seem crazy to taller people, but please be careful not to lose too much. :)

The good news is that losing weight should indeed help with your back and sciatica problems. It's certainly helped my spinal and peripheral arthritis a lot - the excess weight was making life much more painful previously. And not eating fatty food is, of course, a Dukan bonus. With any luck, you should be feeling far healthier once the weight starts to come off.

As for the oatbran, I think that KidA is right. You'll probably need a little bit over 1kg (somewhere around the 1100g mark, depending on what your tablespoonfuls look like).

What kind of charity work will you be doing over in Romania? Anything to do with the orphanages?


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Good luck Katie. Love your name...
Thanks for the recommendation KidA. I'll get 3 bags to be sure!
Dukandebut - I calculated on the official website and it told me my true weight is 51kg which i think is around 112lbs? I decided to target at 50kg or 110lbs just to round the numbers to a nice figure. But as long as I lose some abdominal flab I'll be happy!
So sorry to hear about your arthritis. My mum has osteoarthritis as does my nan and I know first hand how difficult these things can be. I'm worried I'll also have it at some point.

I'm actually a medical student and am set to graduate in July (which is another excuse to shed a few pounds, who wants a fat doctor?) and I'm going to Romania on an elective. I will work in a paediatric clinic with orphans and other deprived children. I'm looking forward to the experience.


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Hi Katy - and welcome.

I hope you will be able to share your thoughts and expertise as a medical student with us - I'm fascinated by the science of food (not just nutrition - also the science of cooking and keeping food) but I'm strictly an amateur, and know I have so much more to learn.

And good luck in Romania - I know many people who have worked there who have really enjoyed the experience, the country and the people they have met.


Goat herder(ess)
I'm actually a medical student and am set to graduate in July (which is another excuse to shed a few pounds, who wants a fat doctor?) and I'm going to Romania on an elective. I will work in a paediatric clinic with orphans and other deprived children. I'm looking forward to the experience.
That's really inspirational Katy. Such a worthwhile thing to do.

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