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I cant do it!


likes posting.
Ive been struggling all week & keep nibbling. im just not committed too cd 100%.So ive decided too healthy eat for now & maybe go back too cd soon.I dont really know at the moment.I cant believe i did 5 months on ll last year & didnt eat once, its just not that way at the moment im not wasting money & not doing the diet.Im going too keep coming on too minis though.:break_diet:
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Sorry to hear you are struggling on ss.I do think if you don't get in "the zone"it is almost impossible.
I noticed your ticker.Do you still only need to lose 21lbs.Have you thought about doing the 790 plan instead.I know the weight loss isn't quite as quick,but if you are not sticking to ss it might be worth thinking about.
I think a few people on here have lost really successfully on 790.
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SSing isn't for everyone and it's notoriously difficult to do it second time around (as I found out after numerous failed restarts!). But CD has flexible plans involving incorporating food into the diet ... I'm on 790 now and have lost 15lb this month and that's WITH a hearty meal each evening plus my three packs. The 1000 plan is even more liberal and I believe the average losses are 8 - 10lb per month ... not too shabby!

Maybe it's worth considering.
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As RD said SS-ing is hard ... and even harder 2nd and subsequent times.

790 is a good plan, as you can eat sensibly as well.

Keep coming on here - and maybe you'll find another way to lose weight, or one day SS/790 will fall into place for you. It is important not to just let it get out of hand and unchecked ... or else the pounds slip on so easily!
HI Eileen,
If i was you I'd try the 790 - its what I am doing. And I have had some major messups along the way! I know 9lb in 2 weeks is not much compared to others, but its better than nothing - if I lose 5 lb next week thats still a stone in 3 weeks.
Give it a go for a while. I also make homemade cauliflour soup, its really nice and I eat tons of it to fill me up. Not supposed to be allowed, but like I say - 9 lb so far....

But good luck with whatever you do

S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
I do a cauliflower and broccoli bake .... cook cauliflower and broccoli - drain well, mash. drain again - add cottage cheese and put in the oven for about 10/15mins ... it's lovely and filling and a change from chicken!


likes posting.
I think im going too try 790, thanks for all your support i do apprecate it.Yes i only have 21 pounds left too lose so dont want too mess up now.Sounds nice the cauli & broccoli bake ill give it a go. Lots of hugs too you all, ill be around most days as im addicted.

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