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I can't do this


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really trying again!
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I remember thinking that way at the start honey. Tell yourself why you are doing it and is coming off plan really worth affecting your goal. Controlling our innner demons is a huge part of this plan and it truly does affect us all. Do something to distract yourself- have a bath, paint your nails, have a shake or a bar or get out for a walk. I find keeping busy really helps. Keep string chick and tell yourself you can do it as we all can xxx


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That's what the biscuits want you to think - don't succumb to them! Maybe you could look at the before/after pics and remind yourself why you're doing exante.
As for the chewing, well, what about freezing some flavoured water (the kind you're allowed) and having an icicle?


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Thank you
I think I will go outside for a ciggie with a cup of tea.

Freezing some water is a good idea, I might crunch on some ice later

I hope this little test doesn't last long, it's murder!


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Aww hunni it is tough but just think of the end result!!!! Go fir a bath a walk paint your nails try clear out your knicker drawer anything to take your mind off munching!!
Don't give in it does get easier xxxx


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Thanks starlight but I know if I eat I'll not stop, and I need to get my head round this. Like LG says it's my demons that are the main problem here I think.

Thanks Kazz, going for a walk in the garden with a cuppa and a fag for a bit x x
Hi Love oh you sound just like me. Please just go and av a ciggy, I am smokin myself dry and then drink another blooming glass of water lol. But honest love keep at it. I tell you what I enjoyed last night and found it really helped, a nice glass of zero coke. It was just so different to anything I had had all week. So go get some gal and try it. XX


Been liberated by Exante!
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Its tough but it really does get easier! I pretended I was waiting for an operation and could not eat! Mad I know but it worked for me, and then it just passed and it was day 2.
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Have you got a hobby you can use to take your mind off things?? I've not started exante yet but I'm planning on doing so in the next day or two and I've ordered jewellery making stuff that requires using pliers and concentration in my experience so far idle hands reach for the cookies/biscuits/chocolate. Or is there a game you can play that has levels. When i gave up smoking while I was pregnant I found quite mind numbing games but the really addicting ones with levels that meant I said just one more level and did it with every level until I forgot about the craving.


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You guys are the best :grouphugg:

Had a cup of tea and 2 cigs, a chat on the phone to my best mate and I'm back on the water feeling better!! I did also have a small bit of a bar which if I get desperate I can finish before I go to bed. It will mean I have had 4 instead of 3 but it's better than having something bad

Thank you for your support everyone x x
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Well done on getting through it.
I had a bit of a shakey time while I was at work today. But I managed to get through it too. :)


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Well done DM, it's gonna test us every so often I suppose we just need to be focussed on our goal. I think I'm going to go play my ds in bed for a bit before I settle down for more dreams about eating chocolate lol


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:D Thanks fellow minimins!

Feeling ok today. Split my banana shake in 2 and had one half cold with coffee and 2nd half hot with coffee and cinnamon. Not great but bearable. Slacking with the water today so must get guzzling

No dreams of chocolate last night :sigh: so I didn't get to indulge lol. I never did finish thebar last night so still have some for a snack later.

What's the story with you guys today? x x
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I'm glad you're feeling better after yesterday's crisis. Don't give up now! You'll feel even worse for giving in than you did yesterday and from there it's a slippery slope. You can do it, just got to ride out the initial bad week. xxx


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well done so glad you didn't give in :) (4 packs is so much better than falling off the wagon if you do need it in future). Well done :) Just remember it does get easier. I promise!


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well dono on not caving in. Im on day 3 of TS (after doing WS with a whole lot of rule bending) and so far ive had some salmon or a bit of turkey each day, doing that or having the 4th bar is a lot better than caving in, stick with it u can do it. Oh, and im still doing rubbish with the water so far today, how u gettin on with that now?

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