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I can't eat my AAM


Striving to be good.....
I've just made a really nice oriental fish stir fry (yummy!) for my AAM and I got half way through and just can eat another bite, I'm to full!
Is it a big deal if you don't eat the whole thing on AAM?
sounds gorgeous Kelly - did you create it yourself or do it from a recipe? I have just had chicken and green veg..... probably much more than I should have eaten!
Isn't it a good feeling tho that you FEEL FULL! Before CD, I don't think i recognised feeling full. Like there was no 'stop' switch!
I appreciated my food soooooooo much, here's hoping that I remember this feeling for years to come. CD made me realise that I had some terrible food habits and convinced myself that I was hungry when I wasn't.
I would say eat what you can. Tomorrow is another day and it may be that you need to get used to eating again if you haven't been like me and 'cheated' then you probably need to re-educate your stomach for food. Probably takes a few days to get properly readjusted.

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I used some brocolli and sliced courgette and put them in a frying pan with a couple of sprays of fry lite (I know I shouldn't have it but everything would burn otherwise). Leave them for a few minutes until the courgette goes limp then add a pack of oriental chilli mix (with the 8ml of water already mixed) then add some season all low salt shake (think its made by schwartz)and pepper to taste, then leave it to simmer for 3-4 minutes.
I then added the cod fillet skin side up and leave it for 2-3 minutes then turn for 30 seconds before you turn it back and peel the skin off. Depending on how cooked you want it (leave it for to long and it ends up like kedgeree without the rice) leave it for another 3-4 minutes stiring occationally until how you want it.
Might use asparagus next time rather than brocolli purely because it cooks quicker.
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Yeah Diva I was playing at being Jamie Oliver and made it up on my own.
Made courgette crisps yesterday as well (brushed them with a little boullion to stop them burning) and they ended up being really nice.
I kind of figured that i'm not cooking that much stuff so if it all goes t*ts up then I haven't really lost out to much and I can just try something different.
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Your tummy has shrunk to a wee little walnut already!! Don't worry too much but you can try splitting your meal into smaller portions rather than all in one go.... sounds yummy by the way, I was never so adventurous, enjoy!



Striving to be good.....
Fab idea.... will try them myself. As for your recipe, I have stolen your idea and saved it to try later in the week....
Thanks for the advice. Went to tesco today and bought chicken breasts, green veg and more green veg.
Just don't have that adventurous flair that you seem to have! Well done!

Mich x
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I'm going to try and mix my proteins on monday (at the mother-in-laws tomorrow and can't mess about) and have half my amount of chicken and half my amount of cottage cheese, stuff the chicken with it and yet to be decided seasoning and have it with winter roasted veg!
God I'm drooling just thinking about it! lol :drool:

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