I can't see the difference!

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by *Kitty*, 5 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. *Kitty*

    *Kitty* Member

    I have lost just under 20pounds and most of it must be fat as I never had that big burst of weightloss which is mainly water in the beginning as i have lost it slowly over 2 months.

    But I cannot see the difference! I have not even dropped a dress size and I have lost over a quarter or the weight i want to lose! Even my waist have only lost a inch I really would have thought I look more different. Only my sister has noticed I have lost a little bit!
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Because sometimes our brains and eyes don't keep up with what our bodies are doing. If you have any pictures of you at your biggest, have another one taken now and put them side by side - you WILL be able to see it mate, honest.
  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Because you are looking at what you have left to lose and not what you have lost.

    Even after I had lost 10 stone I still said to Jo that I didn't look any slimmer!

    It takes 6 months or more before you start really seeing the slimmer you.

  5. sarahjj

    sarahjj Full Member

    Hi Kitty!

    I think it's got to do with how you feel. I've lost over 3 stone and I still can't feel the difference. Obviously I am buying smaller clothes, and I can see the difference from pics before and after, but I don't feel any different! I think it's just something that will happen over time - and don't forget, you ARE looking different, otherwise you would still be in the same clothes as when you started!

    Hope it all becomes clear soon!

    Sarah x
  6. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

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    I well remember, when I had lost 3 stone, sitting in tears amidst a heap of size 28 clothes which I had convinced myself would be too big. They weren't. I was SO upset.
    What I would say, Kitty, is, from now on, measure yourself once every 4 weeks, and you will see a real difference, I promise you. Stick with it.
    Ann x
  7. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    My LLC explained to me that we lose the internal fat first. This is the fat this is round all our vital organs and poses most risk to our health. After that, we will lose the visable fat.

    You should focus on how much healthier you are by losing so much weight and the smaller dress sizes will follow soon.

    Keep it up x
  8. Snail

    Snail Full Member

    The fat comes off in weird and wonderful places on this diet, i recently put 1st on and with it came 3 inches on my waist, i'm now on day 15 and have lost that stone but only 1 inch off my waist so far! Go figure! lol :rolleyes:

    I WILL get into those white linen pants again for my hol on 25th september lol. :eek:
  9. *Kitty*

    *Kitty* Member

    wow i never though of it like that but it does makes sense! There is bit of fat hiding everywhere I must be losing it from me inside haha!

    I am going to get my CD to measure me tonight I think, hopefully I will have a good weightloss result this week as I have been pretty good! :)
  10. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Good luck for your weigh in mate :)
  11. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    It took me a 77lb weight loss to notice any difference when I lost weight before. And the only reason I noticed was because I walked past a shop window and saw my reflection and I didnt think it was me - it was so weird. I didnt feel any different in my clothes - and some of my 'big' clothes I could still wear.... It will take time to see a difference like Ice Moose said - your brain needs to catch up with your eyes! You will see a difference very soon! It took nearly 3 stone before people started asking me if I was losing weight!!! :D Trust me, once it starts to be noticeable it will drop off :)

    Keep up the good work!!!
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