I can't stop weeing!!!


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Hi guys,
I know you prob don't want to hear about my toilet habits, but honestly, i can not stop weeing today. I'm a sadass and i've counted and so far i've been 17 times!!! I am drinking slightly more water than i was yesterday and the week before but i'm just wondering if this is normal 2 weeks into lipotrim?xxx
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It does settle down! Think of all your fat melting away down the loo ;)


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I am exactly the same Barbie, nearly finished week 3 and I am still running regularly. Costs a fortune in loo roll ........... hahha.


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nearing the end of week 3 for me too, today my problem is wind! Where's it coming from there's been a distinct lack of beans in my diet recently!:hmm:


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Wind is probably due to constipation Hun.
Maybe you should try the Fibreclear (if you're not taking it already)
Works for me!