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i cant wait for my dinner tonight!!


Fighting the bulge
Bit lame but i had to share!!

Im having beef (HEX) and spinach (my fav!!) with rice and im going to make the aloo goobi from the 'around the world' cook book!! Im so excited!!

For desert im going to have a muller light yoghurt (5 for £1 at tesco :cool:) with some mixed berries and one tesco meringue nest crumpled on top (2 1/2 syns) ooohhhhhhhh yummy!!

Whats anyone else having??? I could do with some inspiration for the rest of the week!!

Ive also made the beouf bourguinion from the 'around the world' cook book aswell - that was amazing too!! Also loving sweet potato corriander and carrot soup atm!!

You'll have to excuse me im having a happy food day lol :D
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Fighting the bulge
Mmm sounds yum :)

I'm making macaroni cheese tonight, I got the recipe from here somewhere! It's yummmmy :)

Oooooo thats my brothers fav!! Will have to try and find it!!
The remainder of my potato and spinach curry with boiled rice. (Still need to add recipe to the recipe section)


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Im having a quick tea tonight as im going to Aqua Areabics so it will be 9 when i get back (can't do exercise with a full tummy). So it's a veggie stir fry with rice noodles for me(1.5 syns for whole bag tho im just going to have half) x
Im having a roast chicken dinner with sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, swede, celariac and green beans topped with 100ml Tesco gravy granules for 2 syns!
1.5 syns isnt that bad tho!! Is that on a green day?
Oh yeah inno that's a bargain- just won't be able to eat a full bag to myself lol. Not with the amount of stir fry im having lol.

Yup it's a green day :) :cool:
Mmm yummy dinners everyone :p.
We had shepherds pie, with quorn mince, onions, carrots, swede, leeks and mushroom, in stock, garlic and tinned tomatoes, with sweet potato and potato mash (1.5 syns for margarine and some of HexA skimmed milk) and mozerella on top (HexA) It was so so so so nice!! Yummy.


Fighting the bulge
i have had prepared spag bol (which I froze a few days ago) great for a busy day and too tired to cook :)

Im trying to get into the habit of that!! I had a bit of a cook off with my 10 year old brother on Wednesday - we made soup, houmous, beouf Bourguingion, puddings it was quite fun!! I made so much of my aloo goobi that i can freeze some of that 2 :)
Last night I had some veg puree and after that some baked salmon (with chives, garlic powder, salt and pepper) and some fresh spinach for dinner.
Today on green i am going to have
Pasta with pesto sauce 2.5syns
with 28gms parmesan cheese hexa
folowed by fruit salad and fat free fromage frias
and if i am hungry later SW chips
yum yum

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