I can't wait to start again!!!


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Hey everyone, not been on here since October, but thought i would re-introduce myself as i will be starting SW again on 1st Jan 09 :)

My name is Ria, i have a daughter, Kaydee, who will be 4 on 9th January (where did the time go??!)
I started a new job in October, i now work in Iceland woo! hehe First job in 5 yrs, and its kept me very busy but i love it...as i have not gained any weight since august when i stopped going SW!
Well it has been up and down, but always goes back to what i was when i left lol

I lost 2 stone between april-august, so im hoping i can lose 2 more stone by april...eeek is that do-able?? lol I'm going to be a bridesmaid in April so want to look my best ;)

Hope everyone is doing ok, and good luck xxxxx
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Welcome back hun, sure you will do really well. xx


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Hi ther Ria, I'm Dawn and am also starting again on New years. Although I might wait until the 2nd. Are you joining a class? I'm looking forward to doing the extra easy plan, so think I'll re-join class to get all the info. Good luck!x


Welcome back. I am starting again on 1st Jan too. I tried to join before but it's been too hectic so rejoining jan! Lots of luck, I am sure if you buckle down with it you'll be able to lose 2 stone!


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hello and good luck with the plan .I started 2 weeks ago i think lol and lost 2lb first week but sts this week trying :wave_cry:to be good over xmas but will give it a proper go in the new year


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Hi and good luck with the plan. I started 2 weeks ago and so far have lost an amazing 9lb :) I am sure you can lose 2 stone by April if you stick to it


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Hi Ria, I'm Mel. I'm re-starting SW on 7th January (the first meeting of the new year). I fell off the wagon at the beginning of November when I had to stop going to meetings after a foot operation. I now know for sure that I need the motivation of weekly meetings and can't do it on my own. I've put about 5 pounds back on, but I'm not changing my ticker until it's official at my next meeting. Hopefully by then I'll be sick of lardy food after Christmas and will be glad to get back to healthy eating!


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Heeey!! Im starting slimming world on New Years Day too! Have a lovely xmas everyone! Im really looking forward to the new year! New Year = New me (I HOPE!)


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heya and good luck with the diet in the new year hun xxx


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I'll be starting on Jan 1st too! Only I'll be trying it without the support of the meetings. I managed to lose a measly 9 lbs last summer and have put that back on plus another 7 so I really must try harder!:sigh: