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I cheated! But i learnt something!


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Well i'm not going to beat myself up, as it just makes me feel bad, but yes i had a lump (rather big) of brie cheese! It was day 13 and i've been 100% until then. Now admittedly it has v.low carbs and didnt take me out of ketosis, but the funny thing was that it was about 12am, I wasn't hungry and i was a bit bored. I got no pleasure from eating when i wasn't hungry, and it really proved to me how much i was actually eating before i started CD. Sat in front of my computer relaxing and snacking constantly! I firmly believe that now i am aware of this it WILL NEVER happen again, whether its while im on CD or once i reach goal weight!

On the plus side though, i did something that really shocked me! I walked to the post office to mail a letter! Now admittedly its not particulary far but in the past i would have driven lol!

Wish me luck for my weigh in tomorrow morning. Any idea how much the cheese will affect my weight loss? :confused:
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I've no idea, but shouldn't have thought it would make too much a difference. Good luck with the weigh-in, let us know how you did.
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Im sure we've all done it at some point lol i ate all sorts over christmas, pasta, pizza, mashed potato and none of it took any effect. I understand what you mean though, you dont realise how much or often you ate until you stop. just keep at it and keep us all up to date.


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Thanks shelleyxx and everyone else. It's nice to be able to talk to people who fully understand how i feel. How are you three doing?


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Hey Diddums, think the fact that the slip got you thinking makes it a real learning process. Like some of the others, I slipped up over Xmas and had a real binge day... it scared the hell out of me but I'm glad it happened now because it made me start to look for ways to stop that from happening again, and I've come almost as far on that 'understanding/breaking the pattern' journey as I have on the weight-loss one. Also, after Xmas/New Year the amount of uneaten sweet stuff lurking all over our house made one thing really clear - it was ME eating that stuff, in the past, all the time... when I was doing SS, the food stayed right there.... I wasn't buying it 'for my family' at all!!! So... rambling way of saying that mistakes are OK if we learn from them!!!
Onwards & upwards honey!
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im doing really well, thanks for asking. ive been on ss for 8 weeks now and im pleased to say ive lost 2st 10lbs. the way i did it was, instead of feeling like i was depriving myself, i set myself 3 days off over christmas/new year. that way i was able to get straight back on it the next day because i hadn't binged. and even though i had those 3 days off i still lost 5lbs at my weigh in. the trick is, not to use it as an excuse to have something to eat but if there is a REALLY special occasion that you can avoid, simply allow yourself that ONE day off.
hi all i did the same i started in october and stoped over christmas now back on it i dident put much on only 3lb i found it easer getting into ketosis this time then before i had bad headaces before but nothing this time
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Ill admit it too, im a cheater. twice a week, i have a mini baby bel light. it does not effect my weight loss or ketosis. I have it at around 7, a few hours after my second shake and an hour or 2 before the next one. When i pick it up, I ask myself - am i really hungry? most of the time, the answer is no, and i put it back. if i feel am, i sit down and eat it very slowly with lots of water. i feel satisfied and it keeps me going till shake time. spoke to my cdc about it and she said - keep it in perspective. the point of the diet is to do it 100% but if you can have a low fat, no carb treat once or twice a week and not go down the slippery slop to binging, than so be it.
we all need to do what is best for us. for some, its 100%, others its ss+, others pick all the time and me, i like knowing i can have a baby bel if i feel i need it.
stick to it, and dont beat yourself up. the point is to deal with our food issues as we loose the weight and sometimes, you need to cheat to realize what you were doing wrong in the past.
well done for thinking it through, putting it into perspective and learning something about yourself. :happy096:
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I cant say it was hard getting back into ketosis, having time off in one way was bad for me because it just made me want more of what i hadn't eaten but in the same respect it really helped me because i wasn't craving the same things as when i first started ss. so thats what i concentrated on and i felt good being able to walk past the vending machines at work and not want to stop lol


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Chillichill, i totally agree with what your saying. I have half tsp coccoa in my porridge and it doesnt affect ketosis or weightloss. I love the porridge so i dont really feel the need to eat anything else


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hey everyone,

im a serial cheater every day i say to myself today im 100% i last 2 days then ill come home after work stressed and bored and my head is nagging me to eat and i give in but i only have low carb like a bit chick with some veg and it really satisfies me i dont allow myself to feel deprived cos when i feel like that then ill eat anything so i let myself have that low carb meal and i feel better its a bit like ss+.

good luck to everyone out there all us cheaters too dont beat yourself up about it.

mel xxx
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That's really good. Doing Cambridge sounds like a great learning experience. I am already learning that some of the eating I have done in the past is just habit. Getting off the bus in the evening my thoughts run to getting a bag of popcorn and treats. Going through the station on the way home from work, although I am not hungry and don't need anything at all I still think I must pop into Tesco.

Today I sent my kid to the post office and as he was about to close the door I almost send "and on yes, get me a bag of popcorn". This is a habit of mine.

It's interesting to just catch these thoughts and really examine them. If I wasn't doing CD I would never give my requests or my buying stuff a second thought.

Well done. Keep up the good work.
It doesn't matter what diet you're doing, a light bulb moment like this is so important. i'm a real nibbler and it wasn't until i started this cal counting regime that I realised just how bad my habits had got. Computer time being one of my worst nibbling opportunities!
Well done you on realising and looking to the future!

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