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I cheated

I had a plain Ryvita today and I'm really angry with myself. Had a good day shopping yesterday for smaller sizes and ruined my feel good mood by giving into my craving. It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm feeling fed up that we can't go out for a meal like we normally do, can't be taken to lunch by my work mates etc etc. You don't realise how much your life revolves round food until you start this diet! Back on the band wagon now but so angry with myself ....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhh!!:badmood: :banghead: :whoopass:
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Dont be so hard on yourself, you are only human, food has ruled all our lives for so long it is understandable that you will have these moments, draw a line under it drink lots of water and move on.

Just think you will be able to enjoy a nice meal out for your birthday next year and feel slimmer & happier in doing so.


Channell the anger into something positive ??? One slip up is not going to harm the diet - just drink some more water and tomorrow is another day - you could always take yourself shopping tomororw - it is your birthday.


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You've showed remarkable self control! Normally for me that would have become 8 ryvitas!

Happy birthday for tomorrow - I had my birthday 1 month after I started LL and everything that could have gone wrong did - I ahd to work until 9pm and then when I got home my phonelines were crossed and I had a powercut. Normally I would have eaten my way out of it - but instead I did a different naughty thing - I had my first cigarette in 6 months!

Anyway - don't worry and don't beat yourself up.


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Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)

Just leave the ryvita behind you, it was just a slip up and you'll do better if you don't beat yourself up over it...... be glad it was only 1 ryvita and not a whole lot worse.



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Hope you're having a really lovely birthday xx

Stay away from that cake :)

:queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen:
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday wantotbe
happy birthday 2u!!!!!!

hey think of it as birthday cake but fewer calories!!
hope u are having a good one,

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I just thought that I would have plenty more years to celebrate and eat cake etc. It will be well worth it in the end!
Bless you all - I'm having a lovely day thanks and the RYVITA is firmly in the past!! :ignore: Got lots of money towards new slim clothes and my workmates have just given me vouchers for M&S so can get some new undies as they get too big :)
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Enjoy your birthday & enjoy spending your vouchers on some new knickers!

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Happy Birthday & well done for only having the one ryvita!
Hope you've had a lovely day.


has started again!!
Have a great birthday! I did my birthday on LL, and it was ok, so it can be done!!

Well done on only one Ryvita, at least it wasnt anything much worse and you are back on track now!

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Hey wantobeslim, thought I'd give you an update on my critical mother.
I went to see her today, she asked what I'd been up to today, I told her I'd been to my diet class.
She asked how it was going & when I told her she didn't say well done, she just made a face.
Then she asked if I'd watched that diet program last night, about the two women trying to get to a size 00.
I said 'Yeh but they're not eating much', she said 'neither are you!'
I tried to inform her about the nutrition, vitamins & minerals, but she didn't appear to take it on board.
Hows it going with yours?
Oohhh new knickers --- I really love knickers. That's one of the few (only) things that has bugged me about losing weight is that all my gorgeous knickers are falling off me and are soon to be headed for the bin. Good thing is that I'll be able to buy 2 pairs the size of 1 in a few months :)



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Happy Birthday for tmo!
A Ryvita?
Could'a been worse!
Learn from it and you will be right back on track, don't be angry with yourself! :)
Hope you are enjoying your birthday, I had mine while on LL and survived. Know how you feel. Glad you are back on track now.:)
Happy birthday & big hugs! Amazing the thinge we crave isnt it! I'd kill for a fresh tuna steak & never eat it normally!! Its done so move away from the ryvita & start again! You're doing so well & just think the new slim you can have what she wants next birthday in a slinky new dress!!

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