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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I managed to get through my first 100% SS day yesterday. I am going to take it day by day. If anyone else is trying to get back into SS I just wanted to say YOU CAN DO IT, if I can then you can so GOOD LUCK! :D
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Well DONE! I hope you feel suitably smug today. Here's to another 100% day!


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Hey chic - me too!! Well done - heres to day 2 for us :)


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WELL DONE! I am trying myself but seeing this thread just gave me the motivation I needed, its so mch easier knowing others are going through this too..... Im hoping to post here tomorrow now :) Let us know when you get to day 2 :) x
Well Done- I also completed 100% SS yesterday for the first time in a long time and know how hard it is (first day is always the worst for me!). Nothing is going to stop me now....I'm on a roll.

Keep up the good work xx
Well done, a few more days 100% and you are into the home stretch of ketosis whoo hoo
Well done Tif and Losing it for good and good luck Laila (glad it's motivationg you)!!!! :)

I am almost through day 2 and feeling strong (made an excuse to get out of a dinner with the girls tonight as don't want to be temped). How are you both doing today???? Let's keep posting on here to keep each other motivated :D


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can I join in? I've not had a 100% ss day in ages and really need to get back on track as been on hoiday and put on 4 lbs :cry:
Of course Trisha and welcome. I thought about my final goal and decided to break it down. I'm using my meeting with my CDC on Thurs 13th of August as next goal as said to her I would aim to lose 8lbs whilst she was away and had been rubbish so now have 9 days to lose 7lbs and know the only way I would do that was getting back into SS and ketosis!

I'm taking it a day at a time and will have done day 2 by the end of today :D it's not easy and the first 1-3 days are tough but it will be worth it. Getting excited about seeing the scales really moving down again.

Good luck - you can do it!!!!!!! Keep posting on here and let us all kno how you are doing? xx
Im struggling to get back on to SS, and had decided to go onto 810, but reading this makes me want to try SS again, but if I cheat....again, I dont want to keep feeling Ive failed, if that makes sense.


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well done hun! I'm right there with you, we can do it!! Xx
Come on hon, you can do it, jump on the SS wagon with us :) Look at the weight loss you had in the first 4 weeks. just over a stone and a half, how amazing did you feel???? Try and keep that in mind and and take one day at a time. Set yourself a goal just to get through day 1, then day 2 and before you know it I bet you'll be back in the throw of it and watching the scales take a nose dive! Good luck with whatever you do, you'll have support from all of us no matter what :D xx


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Well done!! ^^

I have serious problems trying to stick to it 100%. I usually nibble without thinking about it. :( My sister told me that today and I was like "No.. o_o I've been 100%!!" But I guess not.


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hey lexy & everyone

well i cant believe ive gone this far without cheating, this thread has really helped. im just trying to take each moment as it comes, as getting to tomorrow will be amazing for me as every day has followed same cheating pattern and I just need to get out of it.

It was so easy the first time, I couldn't understand before how people went years trying to start CD again and now I realise why!!! Hopefully this experience will be a lesson to not nibble on cd as it is pretty hard to stop yourself once you get in a habit.

Anyways, now am going to bed, hopefully will be returning tomorrow to say 'I got through day 1' :)

Good night all, and speak soon x x x
Morning all you lovely ladies - thought I'd update this thread as a few of us are on it and seem to be finding it quite motivating!

Well I did it yesterday - completed day 2, it was tough and there were times I thought I might cave, then thought of you guys and this thread and managed to get through the evening. So day 2 done and the scales show a loss of 2lbs in the last 2 days so that's now keeping me motivated!!!! :D:D:D

How did you get on if it was day 2 for you and did those of you on day 1 get through it OK?

Come on...... we CAN do this :D xx


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It's day 2 for me today. Should have been day 16 but I ate pizza on Monday :confused:

Yesterday went well though, 100% SS and today will be the same! I am positive and determined this time!

Well done Lexy on getting back on track. I know how hard it is to restart successfully! x


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Day 27 of 100% SS for me! I am still finding it a struggle. Well done both of you for getting back on the wagon!


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Hey Lexy!!

Start of day three for me too, last night was SO hard got to about 9.30pm and i was nearly physically sick with hunger, couldnt fit another drop of water in me (had 4lr through out the day) went to bed last night pretty miserable......

Got up on day 3 of my 100% club.....BANG 5lbs down!! just like that. If thats not motivation i dont know what is!!

I think ive successfully got down to what i was before my BIG BLIP at the weekend. Just think where i could be if i HADNT blipped....but then again if i hant blipped i probably would still be nibbling and cheating.

I think we need these stumbling blocks to make us focus.

Its my WI today @ 4 so im hoping and preying to be back to what i was. then ive got 10 whole days before my next WI, and i'm working away from home. Gonna need all the support i can get girls.

2 days down 3 to go....(till my next 100% challenge!!)

Sorry...i have gone on a bit :p:p


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Also (sorry girls) well done to everyone who's joined us in our 100% challenge - this is why the site is SO great xx

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