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I did it! I gifted myself for loosing weight :D lol

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I don't know whether any of you remember me mentioning it before, but my plan was to get myself another tattoo once i'd hit target, qualified as a hairdresser, passed my driving test and the whole YSOTY thing was over, and now that it is, i'v done it.

Its on my stomach/hip as i'd never have got one there before now, and its my way of telling myself i accept the way i look, and the butterfly is representing freedom for me now.

so here it is, .. ignore the cirtus fruit pants please :D lol.


Hope you all like it as much as i do.

Really really hurt compared to my other ones though, :( LOL
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WOW thats amazing and so meaningfull!! every time you look at it you should be soooo proud of wha you have achieved!!!
laura xx
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Thank you! and yes i did pass, first time with 6 minors, if i can do it, so can you promise!!!

i absoloutly love my tattoo, the bloke did an amazing job and was absoloutly lovley, best tattooist iv seen so far, this is my 4th, but biggest.. iv got my name on my wrist, which i deeply regret! lol, a rose on my back which i still love, and eek.. two tiny hearts with a whip through them on my bum cheek lol, from my crazy off the rail teen days, but i still love that one too haha.. but this hurt so bad! the moment he started i was like.. omg! what ahve i done hahaha, but it was worth it cause i think its bootyful! and deffinatly worth the wait, atleast now i can look at it and not feel ashamed to show it! xxx
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basically the story goes, i was young, only 14.. niave and desperate to have one.. i had a beatiful script picked out, and when it came to it, the bloke refused and thus, i ended up with something i didnt like, for what reason i didnt argue it out i dont know.. and now it looks like a 2 year old drew on my wrist :) LOl.
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ahh i see.
i had a similar thing with a rose on my back, i had that when i was 15, only wanted something small. and at the time dont get me wrong it looked fab, but as the years have gone on it distroted and eventually you couldnt make out what it was.
I had it covered up last thursday (there are piccies of the rose and new tattoo on my blog which is below in my signature if you care to see) and i now love my new tattoo even more.
I am a bit addicted to tattoos, i have 11 already :) as well as various piercings too..lol
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Thats fantastic, im a bit addicted too.. Eek. So have told myself no getting one for no valid reason anymore LOL.

it looks great btw, unfortunatly the one on my wrist is quite big, the writing and the stars, .. so could end up with somthing masive if i were to cover it.. which is difficult as being on my wrist, its for everyone to see and could comprimise me jobs as it is..

take a lookie



Dont worry, il spare you the one on my bum! LOL il leave that to your imginations!
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i like the one on our wrist, but i not the one who has to live with it an if you dont like it then its yourchoice. Have you spoken to a tottoist to see what they can do? reason i ask that is cos my mum has got a big cross on her arm which is buggered due to a poo tattoist, not the bloke who covered up mine is going to cover mums, and i bet it will look a lot better. you just need to find a good tattoist to help. The good thing with yours is the writing isnt that thick, so maybe they could look and changing the writing into something else??
I love your other tattoo. Am no intigued with the love hearts and whips though pmsl.
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Your new one will remind you for ever of what you have achieved, well done to you, you deserve it.

My friend had tattoos everytime she broke up with a fella, not a lot of bare skin left on her now lol.
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They are well nice.
I have a tattoo on each wrist, one on my back and one on my pelvis, will post pics at lunch time! :D
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yeah i think i will look into it, proberly not yet though, this ones absoloutly killing still haha.
i do like my rose, its so pretty, iv always dreamed of expending it up my spine, but after today i dont think i could cope with a longer sitting, and i like it the way it is, i'd prefer not to get anymore that will be on show all the time either.

Youl have to let me know how the covering up of your mums tattoo goes, i love seeing things like that,.. do you watch miami ink at all? i love watching people tattoo!

I'd love for my bloke to get a tattoo, i think they'r really sexy on blokes, but he wants a big one like the bloke off prison break, and quite frankly, it'd be his first and i honestly dont think he'd cope!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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They are beautiful Hun and will be a constant reminder of your journey.
I've always wanted a tattoo, but always decided against it at the last minute, Im a wuss with pain!!!

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