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i disagree with my pharmacists choice of my bmi

:confused:Hi peeps one thing that really bugs me about the lipotrim is that my pharmasists is so persisting they stop my lt at bmi of 25 the highest healthy bmi? so if i put just a little bit on ill be then on the overweight range. i explained to them id like to be 9stone which brings my bmi 21 but thats still healthy but she wants to stop me at 10 st 10 which im not happy with. any one else not happy with what there pharmasist choice of your bmi?
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Hi hun, I can understand your frustration. Why not cotact Lipotrim direct and ask them for help with this, and if they are OK for you to continued, print off the reply and take it to your pharmacist.


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My pharmacist & I agreed a goal weight but both agreed that if when I get there I want to carry on I can. I don't see what the problem is as long as your new desired weight is in the healthy weight range for your height.
I havn't been asked what weight I want to achieve either. A friend of mine was told the same though, that she had to stop at the healthy BMI even though it wasn't her target, so she then did slim fast to lose the rest.
Emma x
well i went into my chemist today to swap some shakes for some chicken soups (big mistake!!) anyway there was a different lady in the chemists and she said she couldnt believe i was on it! that i didnt look to big for my height however i disagree!! she asked me what my goal was and when i said 8 stone she advised me 9 would be much better for my height! it was nice to have someone who actually seemed to care the guy who signed me up didn't give a toss!
hell yeah! we'll be diet buddies!! im loving it today! hah who said day 3 was hard! its been delightful! can you tell me if you put pepper in soup does that feck up the diet??
OmG the soup tastes well better with the pepper, i use the blender ,put the pepper in but im starting to use another spice called chicken and garlic im not sure if im suppose to use it as my pharmacist said i could only put pepper in and nothing else but eh it makes the soup spicy and taste better and i lurrve my food spicy how i miss currys mmmmmmmmmmm cuuurryyyyssss aarrrrrrgggg
Hey guys great to see you so positive!! It is a wonderful feeling to think that this diet is the one that will make us achieve our ideal weights. I love looking through catalogues and online at clothes I can't normally wear but dreaming of buying and wearing them one day soon!!
i swear this forum is an absolute lifesaver! im feeling so good about this diet! mind you i am starving now! more water for me! i may be losing weight but im smoking almost double!
hi size10!!! like you i also look at online shopping, womens retail like riverisland and asos.com and fantasise the day i will get to wear those sexy mini dress, ive bought size 12 dresses from asos.com hoping it will motivate me to carry on and i know i will get into it by october if i keep going strong, im already thinking about my christmas outfit i cant wait woo hoo.(vanilly) i drink loads of water not only it fills me up but it i got told the more you the more the weight loss??? dont know if its true xxx
I'm also hoping to lose my weight by December! Were all gonna lok great in our sexy little xmas dresses!!! woo hoo! :)
Emma x
ooooh dont i feel like a child again counting the days on the calender till i get open my presents it will be the best gift i can give to myself is to look great and healthy again, i havent been this excited about christamas scince i was 15xxx

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