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i don´t want to cheat but have to

Hi, i´m starting again after a year, it did not work for me the first time around because i knew nothing about maintainance, basically i went travelling again and just left England without consulting my phamacist about what to do, and came back 8 months later just as heavy. Now my problem is I´m in Switzerland for the ski season, and recently have been getting very down about my weight, i had to fly home to England for one day for family stuff and went back to the pharmacy on the day i was back, i organised with my Doctor out here that he would monitor me so the pharmacy let me take a four week supply back with me (the airport was suprisingly cool about letting me onto the plane with 83 sachets in hand luggage) but as soon as i got back, i found out i would be here for 6 weeks before going back to england, so i figured that if I had 2 sachets a day it would last, i´m 4 days in and it´s not proving to be a problem, my water intake is high, i haven´t experienced dizziness, and i lost 2.5kilos in the first three days, the question is, is this ok to do? Any answers would be greatly recieved.:confused:
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I think you have to do the 3 shakes for it to work. I told my pharmacist if I didnt stick to it this week that I would give it up. That it just wouldnt be the diet for me. She said if I couldnt do the no food intact. That I could do the maintenance diet. Which is 2 shakes and a meal chicken or white fish, and veg or salad. no sauces or anything like coleslaw/potato salad. She maintained I would still lose weight but not as fast.


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You must have the recommended three packs as they have been scientifically worked out to provide all the nutritional needs that your body requires to stay in top condition.

If you contact Lipotrim UK they might be able to help out as you already have your own doctor who is willing to supervise you and I think they might be able to send them to your Doctors address or contact your pharmacy here at home and see if they can help.

Alternatively as hez has suggested you could do the maintenance shakes and a small meal for the last two weeks...

Lipotrim will post out the maintenance shakes to you no problem.
There is always e-bay by all accounts, good luck!!


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There is always e-bay by all accounts, good luck!!
Lipotrim have warnings all over their site about buying Lipotrim on Ebay.

You have absolutely no way of being sure that what you are buying is genuine.

Packaging is so easily counterfeited and mostly what is in some of these packs is just powdered skimmed milk.

Scams to do with vlcd products have being going on for over twenty years.
is there any way the pharmacy could liaise with a member of your family, so that they could purchase them for you and then send them out to you?
OOOps just passing on what I've read on here!!! no harm ment!

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