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  1. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    I threw out my scales about 5 years when in horror I discovered my 4 year old daughter was copying me by weighing herself after me every day!! I had got down to 12.5 st after having my son by doing a low-carb diet and pretty much continued with LC for the following five years however I wasn’t happy with my size 16's hence doing CD now and only gained 5 lbs in that time (found out my weight at first CDC weigh-in).
    I now have 1 st to go til target and I intend to work up the plans slowly for the last 7lbs keeping mainly to the lower carb side of things as I haven’t really eaten bread, rice, pasta, pots for these last 5 years and don’t want to start introducing them now (not what the post is about btw) my question really is how do I monitor my maintenance once I am done with CD without buying scales and once again becoming obsessed with weighing myself all the time?

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    How about going to the gym once or twice a week, and using the scales there?
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  4. BeverleyG

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    yeah or a boots or something.
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  5. Anisah

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    You will know by the way your clothes fit. Get a pair of jeans that fit perfectly when you get to goal, and if they start getting tight you know what's up.
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    I rarely ever stood on the scales. Maybe i should have and then i would not have allowed my weight to rise over the past five years. ????
    I hope that experiencing this feel good factor of being only 5lbs from my original goal ( i now hope to lose more though ), i will be disciplined enough, not to be obsessive and maybe only stand on the scales once a week.
    Doing CD has proved that i can be disciplined. We all can be.
    I should have had a WI tonight, but owing to my mini hols next Sunday, my CDC and i, scheduled my WI for Thursday night instead.
    I stood on the scales this morning and [​IMG]. Only a loss of 1lb. Oh hell!!!!!
    Shall blame this on TOTM and having moved up to 810, although i am still being 100% & only what the CD booklet instructs
  7. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    Thanks for all your replies everyone! I was getting a bit worried about the "afterwards" last night and starting fretting about it!
    i'm a member of a gym at the moment but it finishes at the end of december (not renewing too expensive!) and the scales there show me at 9st 5... ha ha... i wish!! someone has been tampering with it i think. Not sure i could do it in boots either too embarrassing! I think the clothes thing is probably my best option plus I have been measuring on a weekly basis so i'll keep to that maybe once a month. Do I continue to see my CDC regularly once on maintenance or is that my own decision to make?

    Don't worry nibbles, you'll be fine!! what with totm and 810 your body is probably just adjusting and as you say you've been 100% so you should still lose this week!! i was 100% ss last week only lost 2lb but i am hoping the scales will catch up this week, definitely have lost inches anyway!!

  8. abz

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    hey hon. i figure that once i'm at goal and i have gorgeous clothes that fit, i am never buying anything in a size bigger again (except when pregnant perhaps, ha) i can't believe that when my clothing was tight before, rather than eating less i bought the next size up!! it seems crazy to me but then we all must have done it. so that's my plan. i am an obsessive weigher too. but i think the fit of my clothes ha to be the clincher really...

    abz xx
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