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I don't even care....

about this evening's impending WI, as I've just had am AWESOME experience, one of the greatest in a long long time!

Went shopping after work and decided to get a few new tshirts, only cheap ones but something nice to treat myself to as my current ones are getting a little tent-like on me :eek:

So, I bought ; 1 in XL, 1 in L, thinking I'll get into the "L" towards the end of the program.

Anyway, I get home and try them on, and OH MY GOD, THE "L" PRETTY MUCH FITS ME!!! :eek::eek::eek:

I was in total shock!
ME! Not needing any "X"'s in my clothing size at all! WHOA!!!!

Piccie attached, I can't smile wide enough!

So yeah, I don't care a jot about what I have or haven't lost this week, this has given me all the boost I need to keep going and going...... and going! :D:D

EDIT: Put the new pic in my sig too :)
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It is pure bliss not to have an X on the label Pete!!!

Well done

Looking good!

Love Mini xxx


nearly there!! :)
woohoo well done hunni, very proud of ya, ya deserve it.
oh and good luck in wi too xxx
nice one pete!
well done
daisy x
Nice one Pete,
these are the things that keep us all going

Hey Pete
For a moment there I thought you were holding a celebratory guiness in the pic!!!
Well done with the shopping.
We ladies can SO relate to that - the word
EVANS probably doesn't mean much to you, but although it was a godsend and they have very cheap Sales, I am pleased to say I don't have to shop there any more. In fact I went into an Evans section the other day automatically and EVERYTHING was too big for me.
I agree about the WI,towards the end it's not so important is it?
Brillopads, moments like these puts it all in perspective and makes it so worthwhile.

Well done, must be a great feeling!

Louale x
thanks everyone, tonight's WI lost 2lbs since my WI last Sunday (LLC had to change days over Xmas so we had 1 longer week and now a shorter 1), I'm so glad I did the shopping thing, otherwise I might have been slighly dissapointed by that, luckily I'm not!

I do seem to be having a collection of slower weeks though, probably to do with not being at work for 2 of the last 3 and generally not being as active as normal as it was xmas/new year time.
anyhoo, updated all my sig stats to reflect my new goal weight, losses etc. it's getting hard to keep track of all this! lol

And i just throught, even on an average loss of 3lbs a week, it'll on be 10 weeks until I get to goal, and what's that? Just over 2 months; hardly any time at all :D
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Well done Pete!:happy096:

2lb is 2lb of fat gone for good!

Love Mini xxx

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