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Lorna and I are on week 3 of CD SS..... I'm going strong but Lorna is finding it a little harder. Its really hard for me to see her upset, I get the feeling if I were to quit tomorrow she would also, which makes me think Lorna is putting herself through misery because of me?

It's tough keeping myself going, and i'm lost for words to say to Lorna.

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Hi both

week three is notoriously difficult. What about looking at some of the before and after photos here? That always helped me. Get hold of the amazing adventures of dietgirl too, that really helped me when I was losing and struggling
wow week 3 is difficult isnt it, I think I felt like this last time also, I'm on day 4 of week 3 and first 3 days were fine but today i'm just peed off I dont want to come off it just annoyed that I have to diet cant eat blah blah I cant wait for the start of week 5 I think your well and truly in diet mode then and can do anything.

Good luck it is hard but I measured myself and lost 9 inches and 12 pounds in my first 2 weeks so thats spurring me on xx
when I lost weight through Cambridge, my partner did it at the same time, but came off after a week. As he hated it so much, he actually brought me down with him, but I stuck it out. It's hard enough already without somebody doing a diet that perhaps, ultimately isn;t right for them
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wow, thats a pretty tough situation.
You should probably explain to her that everyones different, Maybe theres another diet out there thats more 'for her' than CD. But remember your here for 'you' so don't quit for someone else. I'm sure she wouldn't want that either.
good luck both of you, hope Lorna feels happier soon, whatever she decides to do!

Purple Hugs

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Keep going.. don't give up now! look what you've achieved!
Honestly, think about what alternative diets offer, and if you've done them how you coped. CD is a real solution to losing weight.. all diets are tough on us mentally but if you can lose the weight in the shortest time possible its gotta be worth digging in deep.

Try joining a challenge and reading up on peoples story.. keep yourself busy in general and remember it's just the memory part of your brain having a tantrum! Same goes for Lorna.. but honestly you can't drag her along.. she has to want it. ((hugs))
Thanks for all you replies guys... some wise words! It's been hard, but i defo feel we are over the worst *fingers crossed* hopefully we can stick it out, together x


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Week 3 was a toughy for the first few days but I stayed busy during the day and then went to bed early a couple of nights so I did not have to think about food. I hope you are over the worse today as it is worth it as each week goes by. What a lovely friend to do this with you and to keep going when the going has obviously got tough - which I had a friend like this.
Good luck.
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I also found week 3 tough, I kept it going as I knew it was what I wanted, hubby said, just finish if thats how you feel, thereofre I was more focused on keeping it going lol


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I'm into week 3 of my diet. I keep looking at all the success stories and the before and after pics to keep me motivated. It would be so easy to slip up now but i know i will feel so disappointed if i do.

Try to stay positive think of what has been achieved :jelous:
3 weeks in is to good a start to lose! Keep going!

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