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I dread weekends!!!

I don't know about you guys but dieting over a weekend is just plain dull as dull can be! For instance, hubby and I LOVE to eat out on the weekends and we also like to curl up on the sofa with lots of nibbles to watch a movie or our favourite prog on TV. (Munching on a few rice cakes doesn't quite cut it!)

Sigh........ yeah I know that its just as essential to watch what you eat over the weekend but I think I'm gonna have to change my lifestyle to accomodate the lack of food lol. Maybe if I go out more or take up a sport (famous last words!) it won't seem so bad :cry:

Do any of you guys feel that the weekends are long and difficult without comfort food?
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I find weekends are hard because I spend all of it with my boyfriend, and us two just love eating junk food together, bad I know!

Other than that i find it like most other days, I dont have a job right now so when I'm not job hunting I have nothing to do but think about food :( x


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weekend = takeaways and alcohol :party0016:

well they do for me anyway! i am super good during the week, to make up for the few blips i know i will have, and have 3 classes on a sunday morning, from 10am so know i cant drink the night before or i wont make them:giveup:

so that only leaves friday night :D and my OH is a feeder! :break_diet:
Weekends are either really good, or really bad for me.
On a good weekend, I go horseriding and iceskating.
On a bad, I go out with friends and eat waaay too much junk, then see my dad on Sunday and do the same. ¬_¬


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I hate the weekend as well I always seem to eat crap them but im going to do realy well this weekend if its the last thing I do lol
Sigh, the weekend is almost upon us girls. Let's unite in spirit lol... and punch through the next two days with courage and positivity and see how we go!! :) xx


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eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrmmmmmmm......does that count me if i have already ordered my takeaway lol :8855:


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Oh totty - enjoy that takeaway luvvie!

I love the weekend - I get to relax and do what I want and, as I do Slimming World, I actually like what I'm eating and can eat a fair old amount as well and still lose weight (no, I don't work for the company!!).

My only 'regret' about the weekend is that I like to have a glass of vino (or 3) and there ain't no diet I've yet discovered where this ok to the extent that I'd have it given the choice. Its like everything - ok in moderation, but if I look at it sensibly, it needs limiting anyway and not just for weight loss reasons!

And if your weekend activities revolve around food like mine used to, look for other stuff to do. Or adapt what you do. For example I'm taking my daughter to the pictures tomorrow. Normally this would involve lots of popcorn, munchies etc, but I've come round to the way of thinking that I'm going for the purpose of seeing a film, not stuffing my face!!!

Have a great weekend everyone - its not about food, honestly.
The worse thing about weekends for me is the lack of structure and the boredom.
I work a 9-5 and so my weekdays are a blissful routine, then it gets to the weekend and I feel completely lost. I do not have the constant distraction of work and so end up eating out of boredom and frustration.
Luckily I have a friend visiting this weekend, so I've been very good, but usually... I hate weekends!
I dread weekend too, its just so much easier to nip out and eat what i know i shouldn't be eating, i guess at least when i'm at work during the week i don't have that same freedom. Maybe i should start doing overtime at the weekend??
The weekends are definately worse when trying to do 100% abstinance, and this weekend has been the hardest so far as I have the place to myself for the entire weekend, 2 whole days with no-one else to stop me should I wobble a little, or say "what are you doing?" if I look through the cupboards/fridge.

But, nearly there, only another 7hours or so to go, then early night, then back to work and the nicenest of a routine :)

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