I fainted .. twice! Any advice guys?


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Some of you may know that I had tickets for the Scissor Sisters concert tonight in Trafalgar Square .. but unfortunately I didn't see more than their first number - and that was only as I was on my way home :(

I felt fine all the way there and Ian and I found a really good spot close to one of the fountains with a great view of the stage. It wasn't at all crowded where we were .. but suddenly I started to feel very hot and a bit dizzy. I moved to the fountain wall so I could lean on it, and mentioned to the woman sitting there that I felt a bit faint, and she moved aside so I could prop myself against it.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground with Ian calling my name, surrounded by security guards and first aiders. Apparently I'd nearly fallen back into the fountain - only prevented by the lovely lady supporting me - and then slumped to the ground. I remember nothing of this and within a few minutes I felt absolutely fine again, was on my feet and laughing about all the drama.

10 minutes or so later I felt woozy again, went to hold onto Ian, everything went black and apparently my legs just went from under me. Again, within seconds I came round and felt OK - except this time I'd embarrassed myself even more by .. erm .. having a bit of an accident in the No. 2s department (quite common with fainting victims apparently :eek: ).

This time, I was taken round the back of the stage to the First Aid tent where a paramedic took my blood pressure (a bit on the low side, not surprisingly), my pulse and checked my blood sugar - which was fine.

I was asked if I'd been drinking (chance would be a fine thing! :rolleyes: ), whether I'd drunk enough water (about 2 litres during the day) and whether I'd eaten ... I'd had two packs. I mentioned being on the diet and that I'd lost nearly 7 stone in total over almost 7 months .. so I think my body's pretty used to it by now. The lovely (and rather cute!) paramedic did advise me that losing that amount of weight in such a short time COULD have contributed to what happened .. plus the fact that I have very few calories in my body, and therefore relatively little energy stores.

I was advised (actually told!) to go home .. which I thought was probably sensible - not to mention I was damned uncomfortable by then and wanted to get home to freshen up anyway :rolleyes: :eek:

The point of me posting this is to ask if anyone has any thoughts as to whether or not the diet might be a contributing factor to me fainting - and if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I've already got an appointment with my GP next week for something entirely different, but will mention this while I'm there for her advice too.

Anyway, I've decided that I'll step up to 790 calories for the time being as maybe I really do need to take on more calories/energy now I'm so close to my target.

The one amusing incident is when I was in the backstage loo sorting myself out a bit after my 'accident', someone was desperately trying to get in. My attitude at the time was "Bollox! My need is greater than yours matey! You'll have to wait!" Apparently the band were just about to come on and the guy trying to get in turned to Ian and said: "I must have a p*ss - we're going on air in a few minutes!"

Fortunately I came out in time .. or I may have been single-handedly responsible for the concert not being shown on Channel Four earlier tonight! :rolleyes:

Apologies for the long post - I just thought it was worth explaining in (probably a bit too much!) detail to see if anyone has any thoughts.

I feel absolutely fine now by the way, having had a light supper of chicken breast and green salad .. plus my 3 packs as usual :)
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Oh sharon! Sorry to hear you missed out on the concert: you were so looking forward to it!

You're probably wise to step up to 790: your body might just need that extra bit of nutrition now you're nearing goal.

Were you very pent up about seeing Scissor Sisters? Reason I ask is that excitement / anticipation can produce adrenalin which can have strange effects on the body.

I remember the last time I had my coil changed, I was so anxious about it and then the experience was worse than I'd feared, I ended up fainting and peeing the doctor's chair! (serves him right - amateur!)

Hope you're feeling better. Big hugs

As you missed the concert, check out my thread on Chit Chat (knocking 'em dead at the disco) - it might just put a smile on your face, knowing that you've met Steve :)
Hiya Sharon

You need to pop and see your GP on Monday to get a general health check and discuss it with him/her.

Also let your CDC know.

Oh, what a shame!

At least you can say you got backstage though!

Would agree with Russiandoll - you were no doubt excited - and with all the adreniline (sp) rushing round your body and nothing to really absorb it, maybe this was what did it? Although to be fair I've no idea whether it would be absorbed by food anyway???

Good excuse to buy tickets for something now ;)
Were you very pent up about seeing Scissor Sisters? Reason I ask is that excitement / anticipation can produce adrenalin which can have strange effects on the body.

Thanks for your reply, Debbie - the coil-change story did make me giggle :)

I don't think I was especially over-excited although I was looking forward to seeing the concert, and the atmosphere in the Square was fantastic! I'm quite a hardened 'gig goer' and have been to quite a number of concerts since I began CD - including the 2 day Hyde Park Festival in the very height of the summer, when it was absolutely baking hot .. and had no problems at all then.

At least I was home in time to watch it on TV - so I didn't miss it entirely ... and thankfully, because I'd come out of the loo in time, neither did anyone else! :)

Much love
Hiya Sharon

You need to pop and see your GP on Monday to get a general health check and discuss it with him/her.

Also let your CDC know.


Hi Mike

I'm seeing my CDC tomorrow, so I'll mention it to her then .. also she's coming up to Corby with me on Wednesday to the CDC Training Day.

I already have an appointment with my GP for Tuesday, and I guess they might want to do a few checks on me. My very amateurish guess is that, for some reason, my blood pressure dropped like a stone and that's what caused me to faint. I had it checked at the doctor's just last week and it was 120/90, but when the paramedic took it yesterday it was 103/80 - and by that time I'd recovered quite a bit.

Thanks for taking the time to reply - and I still want to know what you were in London for with the chance of winning £250K! :)
Great plan to up it to 790 for the moment.

I fainted a couple of times when I was SSing. No idea why (okay...a little inkling), but anyway. Lived to tell the tale.

Good idea to mention it to the doctor just for a bit of reassurance if nothing else :)
At least you can say you got backstage though!

Good excuse to buy tickets for something now ;)

That's true - but maybe being led through the backstage area by a security guard might not have looked as good as it could have to anyone watching!

As we were walking through, I heard someone say "They've just left the hotel. Arrival in 5 minutes". Seeing as there was only one backstage entrance, which was very close to the First Aid tent, I did wonder if we might have had a bit more up-close-and-personal view of the Scissor Sisters than originally expected ... but no such luck! :rolleyes:

Me needing an excuse to buy tickets for a concert? Since when!? :)
Great plan to up it to 790 for the moment.

I fainted a couple of times when I was SSing. No idea why (okay...a little inkling), but anyway. Lived to tell the tale.

Good idea to mention it to the doctor just for a bit of reassurance if nothing else :)

Ah thanks honey! It's good to know that someone else has had a similar experience - and I don't expect to be checking out quite yet either :)
I had similar but it was when i'd got up togo for a we in the night. I stood up and legs crumpled and I was in heap on the floor feeling dazed. That happened a couple of times then one night I got up was standing upreadytowalk and just keeled over backwards just missing cracking my head on the dressing table by about 1cm! Scared the hell out of hubby!
I went to the doctors had various tests. They came back clear but she thought it may have been (forgotten the term!) a very mini stroke that can happen as a one off! She asked me to take al ow dose of aspirin each day for a while just in case.
I don't think it was that I think maybe just the way I'd been lying in bed!
I was 3 months into VLCD by then so feel sure it wasn't that. For a few weeks I took my time getting out of bed or standing up if I've been sat for a while and reglarly twiddled my feet if standing for a while to keep circulation going. I also upped the water a bit more.

Trip to the docs is a good idea, to put your mind at ease.
Hi Jazzy,

When you get up from a lying down position too quickly dizziness can occur its called postural hypotension.

I often get this if I oversleep and get up too quickly.

Hi ya summer,
Oh what an experience that was - maybe you could contact whoever you won them from and tell them what happened they might give you some more tickets lol - worth a try tho eh! :D

Good idea to keep a bar with you, just so that if you get that happening again, having the bar would bring your sugar level up.

I had something similar, tho didnt actually faint, spose it was a blackout - twas rushing about getting kids ready for school, can't remember exactly what I was doing, but suddenly I couldn't see. was really scary, had never happened to me before... I was shouting out, 'i can't see, i can't see' and was ready to topple over! Lucky hubby was around, and I managed to get to the settee... It probably only lasted about a minute or so, but felt like ages... Dr sent me of for blood tests which all came back fine, and suggested I ate some fruit, bananas in particular, think he prob thought it was to do with pottassium. I was like 'ooh no that'll kick me out of ketosis, so he agreed I should eat some chicken and salad.... well of course that was all I needed to hear that I should eat! counsellor said my blood suar prob dropped and I would have been ok if I had had a pack straight away. Never happened since thank goodness.

Hope you get on ok at the doctors, and all the best for wednesday :D
Thanks for all your messages, guys. I really do appreciate you taking the time to reply :)

I've felt fine ever since Saturday night .. and did step up to 790 on Saturday and Sunday. However, I did notice this morning that my weight had crept up a bit (probably water/glycogen) so, as I'm feeling hunky-dory again, have decided to go back to SS'ing again - at least until my holiday which is just under 2 weeks away.

I didn't think to mention it to my CDC earlier as it might not have anything to do with the diet at all, but will tell my GP tomorrow to get her opinion. My blood sugar was absolutely fine when they tested it though .. so that's good news at least :)

I think it's a great idea to carry a bar around 'just in case' though! Mind you, I never need much of an excuse to chomp my way through one of those Peanut or Cranberry bars. Yum!!!! :p
Hiya babe,

Just got such a shock reading all about your fainting episodes!! Are you REALLY okay now? Bloody nora, you could have ended up in the fountain or gawd knows what else!!:eek:

I don't have any clue as to why this may have happened hun, apart from maybe adrenalin rush as well. I know that can have some strange effects on people.

Let us know how you are and you take care okay sista?