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I feel awful............


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Its only my second week on the plan and already I feel like Im climbing a mountain! Last week was way too easy I never once felt like I was even remotely on a diet. But for some reason this week Im struggling but sticking to it but I feel bloated and icky! Please someone knock some sense into me so I dont give this up! :sigh:
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Is it the week before your period is due? I always feel totally bloated when it's that time of the month and I could eat everything in sight!!

Just make sure you choose superfree/free food or low-Syn snacks!


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Thanks girls I dont know what it is but even my clothes feel tighter. Im so tempted to weigh myself before class on Thursday but I know if Im up thatll be it Ill be straight to McDonalds lol Argh only 2 more days to go!


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Are you eating a lot of bread? Or having loads of carbs (on green /EE?) Some people seem to get really bloated with one or both of the above! The great news is that you're followin the plan and you've lost a whopping 5lb, which is fantastic!! The one thing I've learned from my journey so far (just going into my 29th week) is to be very very patient!! I don't know how much you want to lose, but all I know is that you can't rush it!! Make sure you're enjoying your food and not letting yourself go hungry!! Experiment with different foods/combinations and see if it makes you feel less bloated, and drink lots of water!! Stick with it hun, it'll be worth it!!XXX
Some weeks I go to WI feeling really bloated and have had a good loss but other weeks when I'm feeling light (if you know what I mean?) I've sts!! The body is a very funny thing :)
Drink lots of water and stick with it, you'll be suprised I think. Good luck!


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Try the Activia Fat Free Yogurts to help with your bloating. I find that sticking to Green Days the week before my star week helps as it makes me feel fuller. Good luck and don't give up :)


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i get bloating too and my stomach swells :( but dont change weigt loss..

sorry tmi... but have you tried laying on tummy and try pass wind sometimes that can cause feeling of bloating x
This is my 2nd week too and i know i will have gained..Like you the 1st week was really easy and this week i just don't know whats going on..I think my prob is i get weighed too often..:cry:

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