I feel like a fraud and Im demotivated!


Hi Ya

I feel like Im a bit of a fraud posting on here because I havent even started yet. I rang one of the NI CDCs and she hasnt got back to me, so Im thinking she must be on holidays. I have even started looking on a certain auction site to see if I can get any CD stuff to run me on but so far only managed to purchase a yellow weight management book. Im moving into a new apartment on saturday and what I thought I would do is just not buy any food into it and start my weight loss journey from there.

I was feeling really motivated and stuff but then my best friend basically laughed at me and told me that I would never stick to a diet thats that rigid and I would never be able to cut out food. I told her to watch me reap the rewards which is how I felt at the time because my anger was spuring me on. But now I have her words circuling in my head and my mums words have added to them who said "Its a lot of money to commit to another one of your diets". I wouldnt mind but I actually have only ever tried weightwatchers and I was successful (all be it slowly) until one of my best friends committed suicide.

The bottom line is that I need to get this stuff super quick and I have even thought of maybe going to the pharmacy to ask about LT and doing that until I get the CD stuff. Or getting slimfast and trying that to ease me into missing out on chewing on stuff.

I know that I have to get a form filled in by my doctor and that will take a while too. Am I panicking over nothing? I just dont want to lose my motivated mindset before I do the first couple of days because everyone says they are the worst on SS.
hi happygal
i just needed to reply to you, i havent started yet but hope to start next weekend too. I rang the o800 number off the official website and they gave me the number to the nearest councillor, have a look and ring them back , dont feel demotivated we can both do this, everyone around me has said exactly the same to me "its just another diet" but we can do this. I'm sure there are lots of people on this forum that def help
dol x
I know it's really annoying when you want to start immediately and something holds you up.

Look on the website to see if there are any other CDC's. I'm spoilt for choice here. 3 within 5 minutes of my house!

In the meantime, start reducing your carbs, it will give you a headstart for getting into ketosis. The first few days on a VLCD can be a bit dire and you have a chance to slide into it smoothly. It really works and makes the whole process so much easier.

Hope you get your stuff shortly.
Hi Happygal
OK - take a big deep breath to calm yourself ... you're panicking because your resolve has been brought into question before you've even begun CD but please believe me when I say that if I can do this, YOU can do this. I don't possess any kind of 'magic' willpower or anything: I'm not anything special and have been on CD for 5 months so believe in yourself. With support and encouragement, you WILL succeed (and you'll get loads of support and encouragement on here.)

Use the next week as your preparation for CD. Please DON'T be tempted to buy illicit supplies from Ebay: their prices tend to be inflated and you just don't know what you're buying.

Instead, get your body ready for sole sourcing by cutting right down on carbs and starting to increase your water intake. Look on it as a 'warm up' before the actual diet. What this will do is help ease you into ketosis when you start sole sourcing and will reduce the carb-withdrawal symptoms.

Come on here every day if you can and post, post, post ... we will help keep you fired up and ready to take on this challenge. We're all ready to 'walk the walk' right beside you :)

So next week, no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or pastry. Lots of lean protein and some fruit and veg every day and LOADS of water. Then you'll be geared up for CD like an athlete before a marathon!! ;)

IGNORE any negativity because you CAN do this!!
Thanks Guys. I just dont understand why people cant listen to the scientific bit when your telling them and not zone into the not eating part. I kept saying "its not as if I will be missing meals!!" But there you go. I think to be honest that once I get started I will be ok cause I am usually very determined. Your right about the CD prices on Ebay though. Absolute rip off! I dont understand why these people who buy off ebay dont just go to a CDC counsellor OR would they even qualify for CD in terms of weight?

Hi Claire

After seeing your post on my thread, I went looking for you - and here you are :)

Almost everything you've written I could have said myself before I started CD at the end of February - although I tried more than just one weightloss program before stumbling across CD .. all with varying degrees of success, and none long-term.

The best thing I've found is not try to convince anyone of the effectiveness of a VLCD - the proof is in the pudding (as it were) and before long all those who may doubt you now will soon be changing their tune when they see the weight drop off you. I have a friend who simply refused to believe I could stick to CD as they'd tried it in the past and gave up after 2 weeks thinking it was a waste of time - but when I saw this person last week they had to admit they'd been wrong all along.

Slimfast isn't the same as a VLCD as it won't put you into ketosis - which is the key to success on a VLCD as you're burning fat and don't feel hungry so it becomes easier to stick with it. It may be worth giving Lipotrim a go if you have to wait to see your CD counsellor, although I know nothing about Lipotrim so I'm not the person to advise you on that.

Debbie's advice is worth taking though (as ever) as cutting down on carbs and upping your water intake is definitely the best preparation you can do for embarking on a VLCD.

Good luck .. and keep us posted how you're getting on. Often!! *lol*
Hello. :)

Cutting down on your carbs will really help you until you find a cdc. I did that and in my first week lost 6lbs!

As for your friends and family - show them you mean business ;)
My mum was very negative at the start but is now eating her words after i've lost 2 stone!!

Try to be patient until you find cdc it is worth the wait. :)
Hi Girls

Thanks very much again. Sorry Im Whinging so much. Im just chomping at the bit to get started and join the club of losers. I did lose 4.5 lbs in total this week just by watching what I eat and not eating any bread but I will cut down on carbs as well and see what effect that has.

Thanks for helping motivate me. I hope I can return the favour for you guys at some stage too!!
I was exactly the same as you. As soon as I had decided to do a VLCD a wanted to get started straight away. My local LL counsellor coudnt let me start for 6 weeks!! In the meantime I cut out carbs and then did slimfast - 2 shakes and 1 healthy meal a day.

I know exactly how frustrated you are not being able to start straight away - It was like reading about myself - I even looked up the well known auction site and was tempted (didnt do it htough!!)

Hang in there, I will keep my fingers crossed that you can get hold of a CDC soon.

Hiya happy,
well done on your 4 1/2lb off this week, great stuff :D

You've had some super duper advice already, I'd def look into lipotrim, just to get you going, then once you have your cd counsellor sorted out, you can change over...

Lipotrim is I beleive the most limited of flavours of any of the vlcd's Mini would be able to advise you on the flavours as she started of on lipotrim...

have a look on their website, it will give you a list of chemists near you that run the programme.... am guessing that the add is lipotrim web page or might be .com, who knows lol

All the best
One thing you have to learn on a VLCD journey is patience, so start now.

Take Debbie's advice.
Stop weighing yourself at home.
Make your decision and don't feel you have to explain it to ANYONE - you don't. It is your decision and your business. You don't need the approval of others, and if they disapprove, that's their problem, not yours.
I have lost 10 stone in 8 months, and like Debbie said, if WE can do it, YOU can do it.
Keep one eye on the ball, and the other on the big picture.
Good luck, Ann
Hi Ya All

Reading about peoples weight loss and their being able to identify with my position right now, is making me think that I CAN do it!! I so much want to and I know patience isnt something I have in great quantity but Im trying to work on that. I constantly have wee conversations with myself on that very subject ;)!! I really cant thank you all enough for your support. Im glad I have this place, otherwise I wouldnt be doing this at all as I wouldnt feel I was supported by anyone.