i feel like im eating a lot!


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ok so i feel like im eating too many cals to lose weight, even though i did lose 3 pounds this week (first week) i.e the other night i ate a quorn bolognaise with copious amounts of pasta and i was stuffed! i had eaten fruit, yogs, sandwich etc in the day and i just want to know should i just be munching away and will the weight come off! my friend says the more free food you eat the better, is that true????? help! :wave_cry:
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I hate to break it to you but ...... you're doing just fine!!!! Try and keep a diary and if it fits the plan then everything is ok. Eat and enjoy :)


Moose no more!
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thanks for the response! i write down everything i eat so if i dont lose ill take it to my weigh in!! they dont do an image therapy session so i like coming on here with all of my questions and worries ;-)


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It's funny but in the past I have found that sometimes when you eat more, especially of the free foods, you actually lose faster. They don't do Image Therapy at your group? So it's just a weigh in then go home?


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I eat loads, but last time I did SW I found that I was eating less after a while, as your stomach shrinks. Eat as much as you like. I find that if I only have fruit and yogurt for lunch I don't lose so much weight, my body must think it's in starvation mode when I do that.


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You can't eat too much on SW if it's free foods. The reason it works is that because you eat free foods (low density that converts to engery quickly) it keeps your metabalism going. Your body will naturally tell you when you are full, so listen to it and don't overfill yourself, but keep eating and watch it melt away :D

Well done on your weight loss this week!


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Well done on your loss, and keep eating as much as you want, its free for a reason, keep up the good work xx


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last night I ate so much I thought I ws gonna burst,,,,wont be doing that again,all free foods but I'm sure that you are supposed to stop when full.I was a bit confused because it wasnt what I would call a massive dinner but maybe all the fruit and veg that I had had during lunch was still keeping me full ! its only day3 so maybe I will learn to relax a bit about the whole thing and eat smaller portions.:)


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The beauty of SW is that you can eat as much as you need. My C told me (after my very first week on SW when I gained :eek::D) that although I can eat as much as I need on SW I must try and learn to recognise the difference between eating as much as I want and as much as I need.

What I mean is, I'm so greedy and will happily eat and eat and eat - that would be me eating as much as I want and the food coming out of my ears and in general not stopping until I felt uncomfortably full. That was the habbit I grown into.

But really we should stop once we are full and no longer hungry, therefore only eating as much as we need.

It can take a while as it's so exciting and overwhelming to have so much choice and so little restrictions. I found the little pep talk from my C a real help in understanding the plan and I soon lost 2 stone. Here's to it happening again!!!


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thanks for your comments they make sense, I too am very greedy but will now try to listen to that little voice inside telling me I am full.


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thanks for everyones comments. cant wait till next weigh in to see if i've done well this week! i think i will try extra easy next week. would like to have lost 10lbs before valentines day!


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More free and superfree foods is better, of course! That's what's so great, and what most of us love about SW - you don't feel like you're on a diet and depriving yourself. It just makes you think carefully about what you ARE eating.
Most people I eat lunch with at work don't know I am doing SW, and wouldn't be able to tell from what I'm eating, cos the food is all 'normal' lol!

Just try to train yourself to stop when you're full...it's all about sensible eating really.

I totted up my calories yesterday. Have a look in my food diary here http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...llies-food-diary-2009-year-2.html#post1221162

I was surprised because I'd eaten quite a lot yesterday but I'd only had 1200 calories! Free food rocks.


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I've started watching my portion sizes a bit now. I realised that I probably don't need to eat the same amount of food that I ate when I was 4st heavier. Eg I made a massive shepherd's pie which I used to say served 4 but I now make it serve 6 and add lots of veg to the plate to bulk it out.