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i feel really weak....

yesterday was my third weigh in and in total i have lost 15lbs.im quiet happy with that as i have stuck to the diet 100%.my problem is i dont kow if i can keep it up as i feel so weak and irritable.constipation is also making my life hell...last week alone i took about 20 senekot overall.im not too bothered about the food as im quiet strong willed but because of the way im starting to feel a bit depressed,.i get so cranky over little things and also feel shaky .im worse on week 4 than i felt any other week,even writing this i feel teary,,it feels like pmt week (eventhough i know it isnt).any body felt like this on lipo,or is it just me having a bad week;;sorry for the moaning.xx:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:
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hey you're nearly half way there! Well done on 15 lbs - you're probably just having a bit of a down day - we all get them on or off LT!! Can you treat yourself to something? hair do, massage, big bubble bath?? you deserve it after doing so well and it might give you a boost. With only 20 lb to go it would be a shame to have come so far to give up x x x
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I've just com ein from Boots where I cleared the £30 gift card I had from my b'day in April -I bought bubble baths, new soaps, 2 body butters and a new shampoo. And a bag to put it all in -that is now my 'get me through the day bag'. I thoroughly recommend it! ;)

You wil have down days and I'm sorry you feel so keek -do stay strong and focussed though because you are sooo close. You're doing brilliantly to get this far!
i think our hormones have us feeling that way at times during lipotrim hun,also u could be coming down with a cold or something, i felt weak at times throughout the 5 and a half months that i spent on lipotrim, it does get better , if you dont feel any better tomorrow then maybe go and see your doctor but for today maybe just make a warm drink and have a soak in a hot bath and if you can get an early night and hopefully you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

are you drinking enough water and having all of your shakes?

hope you feel better soon,you're doing really well hun
thanks for kind words,will have bubble bath later and probably buy a treat for myself in town tomorrow,just an off day .though i do miss the social aspect of eating and drinking i know it will be all worthwhile in the end.fair play to you all who have been on this diet for so long,makes me feel ashamed to be whinging ,you are absolutely amazing and a credit to this lipotrim forum.xxxxxxx
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hi gerrie01, theres no need to feel ashamed for whinging many of us have come on her and let go with how we feel this is the best thing about his site have a moan get of your take the support offered feel better the first week or two are the hardest but it does get better I promise you I know Im only on wk 5 but I feel so good its all worth it.
Keep strong and keep drinking the water you will succeed
thanks fragglerock have a great holiday
I totally agree, the forum is for offering support, what ive learnt so far is that everyday can be differant, so stick with it, your nearly there! hope u feel better soon x
Chin up, you've done so fantastically already. I'm such a newbie but still know that this is the place you should worry about whinging least. Bubble baths are great and do you like to read? I've found it really helps to get stuck into a book (I've finished two and I'm only just finishing my second week) or if not put on a totally indulgent film and watch it curled up in bed.

15lbs is really a huge amount and an inspiration to those like me who have just started. You should feel proud of the positive change not ashamed of the less positive! Good luck.
hope you're feeling better today x x

need to take some of my own advice today - feel like a bag of something horrible - I haven't felt like this at all before now - in Wk3 - today has been a complete write off - thank God I work for myself or I would have been sacked!
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Hi im new on here and not really sure what im doing lol. Was just wondering, ive been on lipotrim for 6 weeks now and i was wondering if any1 else on here feels as rubish as i do on lipotrim, for the past 2 weeks ive been feeling really down and really weak and i keep going really light headed and a few times now i have felt like im going to faint when ive got up, ive got 3 weeks left before i refeed but i just don't know if i can do it for another 3 weeks feeling like this, i really don't want to give up and it doesn't help that my weight loss has slowed right down, just need some advise really.

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